When Calls The Heart: Into The Woods & New Possibilities [Double Feature]

Released: October 6, 2020 • Available in US
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"Wholesome content that the whole family can enjoy" – Parade

From celebrated author Janette Oke (the Love Comes Softly series) comes a rigorous and romantic adventure as epic as the wide frontier. Erin Krakow (Army Wives), Jack Wagner (Melrose Place) and Pascale Hutton (Flashpoint) star in When Calls The Heart, a beautiful story filled with "many of the values we all hold precious such as love, family, friendship, community, faith and caring about one another" (Military Press)!

In Into The Woods, Lee and Rosemary are tasked with watching Little Jack, while Elizabeth goes on a trip with Lucas — where she must face her growing feelings for him. And when a dangerous windstorm hits, all of Hope Valley is put in danger. Later, in New Possibilities, telephone operator Fiona receives some bad news that might cause her to leave Hope Valley, while Elizabeth attempts to reconcile a complicated relationship.

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Episode Episode Title
1 When Calls The Heart: Heart Of A Writer
2 When Calls The Heart: Into The Woods
3 When Calls The Heart: New Possibilities
4 When Calls The Heart: Don't Go

When Calls the Heart

Erin Krakow Elizabeth Thatcher
Martin Cummins Henry Gowen
Lori Loughlin Abigail Stanton
Pascale Hutton Rosemary LeVeaux
Jack Wagner Bill Avery
Gracyn Shinyei Emily Montgomery
Kavan Smith Leland Coulter
Loretta Walsh Florence Blakeley
Daniel Lissing Jack Thornton
Ava Grace Cooper Opal
Neill Fearnley Director
Martin Wood Director
Peter DeLuise Director
Mike Rohl Director
Michael Landon Jr. Director
Anne Wheeler Director
Josef Anderson Writer
Sheryl J. Anderson Writer
Robin Bernheim Writer
Kim Beyer-Johnson Writer
Brian Bird Writer
Tony Blake Writer
Annie Brunner Writer
Cynthia Cohen Writer
Ken Craw Writer
Neal H. Dobrofsky Writer
Tippi Dobrofsky Writer
Paul Jackson Writer
Cindy Kelley Writer
Ken LaZebnik Writer
Michael Landon Jr. Writer
Richard Manning Writer
Alfonso H. Moreno Writer
Jon Nappa Writer
Janette Oke Writer
Vanessa Parise Writer
Andrea Stevens Writer
Elizabeth Stewart Writer
Derek Thompson Writer
John Wierick Writer
Brian Bird Executive Producer
Michael Landon Jr. Executive Producer
Jimmy Townsend Executive Producer
Neill Fearnley Co-executive Producer
Neill Fearnley Executive Producer
Brad Krevoy Executive Producer
Greg Malcolm Producer
Greg Malcolm Executive Producer
Greg Malcolm Co-executive Producer
Vicki Sotheran Producer
Vicki Sotheran Executive Producer
Vicki Sotheran Co-executive Producer
Derek Thompson Co-executive Producer
Derek Thompson Consulting Producer
Derek Thompson Supervising Producer
Eric Jarboe Executive Producer
Eric Jarboe Co-executive Producer
Lori Loughlin Co-executive Producer
Lori Loughlin Producer
Shona Miko Post Production Producer
Shona Miko Supervising Producer: Post Production
Michael Shepard Executive Producer
Peter DeLuise Co-executive Producer
Peter DeLuise Supervising Producer
Doran Chandler Associate Producer
Doran Chandler Co-executive Producer
Susie Belzberg Executive Producer
Cynthia Cohen Executive Producer
Cynthia Cohen Co-executive Producer
Vince Balzano Associate Producer
Mike Rohl Supervising Producer
Mike Rohl Co-executive Producer
Mike Rohl Executive Producer
Robin Bernheim Executive Producer
Richard Manning Co-executive Producer
Richard Manning Supervising Producer
Alfonso H. Moreno Executive Producer
Elizabeth Stewart Co-executive Producer
Simon Richardson Supervising Producer
Simon Richardson Co-executive Producer
Simon Richardson Associate Producer
Paul Jackson Co-executive Producer
Paul Jackson Executive Producer
Amanda Phillips Atkins Co-executive Producer
Alexandre Coscas Co-executive Producer
Francisco Gonzalez Co-executive Producer
Shelley Matheson Associate Producer
Shelley Matheson Supervising Producer
Martin Wood Supervising Producer
Damian Lee Supervising Producer: Production
Darren A. Bell Supervising Producer: VFX
Sean Patrick O'Reilly Consulting Producer
Tony Blake Executive Producer
Annie Brunner Co-executive Producer
Andrea Stevens Consulting Producer
Erin Krakow Co-executive Producer
Charles Lazer Supervising Producer

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