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What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Released: August 6, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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Product Note: This is the 1-disc standard edition. The 2-disc special edition is AVAILABLE HERE on Blu-ray.


What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine celebrates the 25th anniversary of the self-proclaimed "black sheep" of the Star Trek spin-off series. Often described as dark and edgy, Deep Space Nine was maligned by many fans and critics at the time as a show that did not fit into Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future. But now, two decades after it left the airwaves, Deep Space Nine is being re-discovered by new, younger fans through streaming services, and championed by those who stuck by it from the start.

Through extensive interviews and behind-the-scenes stories with the cast and crew, this full-length documentary, helmed by directors Ira Steven Behr (original Deep Space Nine showrunner) and David Zappone (The Captains, For The Love Of Spock), delves into the newfound resurgence of this oft-overlooked and polarizing sci-fi series, presents footage from the show remastered for the first time ever in High Definition, and reassembles the writing staff to break what would be an imaginary future episode of Deep Space Nine.

Bonus Features

  • An Intro From Ira
  • A Brief History Of Deep Space Nine Featurette
  • What We Left Out - Deleted Scenes
  • Behind The Scenes At The Variety Photoshoot Featurette
  • HD Remaster Discussion With The Filmmakers
  • More From The Fans Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

Product Information

116 min
Aspect Ratio ?
Not Rated
Production Date
Closed-Captioned ?
English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Actor Alexander Siddig
Actor Andrew Robinson
Actor Armin Shimerman
Actor Aron Eisenberg
Actor Avery Brooks
Actor Bill Mumy
Actor Casey Biggs
Actor Cecily Adams
Actor Chase Masterson
Actor Cirroc Lofton
Actor Colm Meaney
Actor David Carson
Actor David Livingston
Executive Producer David Zappone
Director David Zappone
Actor Denise Okuda
Actor Felecia M. Bell
Actor Hana Hatae
Actor Hans Beimler
Producer Ira Steven Behr
Director Ira Steven Behr
Actor Ira Steven Behr
Actor J.G. Hertzler
Actor James Darren
Actor Jeffrey Combs
Producer Joseph Kornbrodt
Actor Junie Lowry-Johnson
Producer Kai De Mello-Folsom
Producer Luke Snailham
Actor Marc Alaimo
Actor Marc Bernardin
Actor Max Grodénchik
Actor Michael Dorn
Actor Michael Okuda
Actor Michael Piller
Actor Michael Westmore
Actor Nana Visitor
Actor Nicole de Boer
Actor Penny Johnson Jerald
Actor Rene Auberjonois
Actor René Echevarria
Actor Rick Berman
Actor Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Actor Robert O'Reilly
Actor Ronald D. Moore
Actor Terry Farrell
Actor Wallace Shawn
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