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Released: April 26, 2022 • Available in US & Canada
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The terrifying Watchers saga continues with Watchers II, a tale of genetically altered beasts unleashed upon the world.

A shadowy government agency's sinister experiments have resulted in a pair of unnatural creatures: one is a benign, super-intelligent golden retriever, and the other an inhuman killing machine. Linked by a psychic bond, the dog and the monster escape the watchful eyes of their creators, resulting in a brutal killing spree. Paul Ferguson (Marc Singer, The Beastmaster, V) discovers the dog, and with the help of an animal psychologist (Tracy Scoggins, Babylon 5, The Colbys), they must stop the murderous monster before they become its latest victims.

Bonus Features

  • NEW 2K Scan Of The Interpositive

Product Information

Watchers II

Marc Singer Paul Ferguson
Tracy Scoggins Barbara White
Jonathan Farwell Steve Malceno
Irene Miracle Sarah Ferguson
Mary Woronov Dr. Glatman
Tom Poster Outsider
Don Pugsley Smith
Joseph Hardin Wesson
Kurt Braunreiter MP #1
Merritt Yohnka MP #2
Thierry Notz Director
John Brancato Writer
Michael Ferris Writer
Dean R. Koontz Writer
Roger Corman Producer
Joel DeLoach Producer
Rodman Flender Producer

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