Warbirds Of WWII: The Carrier War In The Pacific

Released: April 12, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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During the twentieth century, the aircraft carrier emerged as the military's most powerful, mobile and flexible weapon, capable of projecting its air group over vast expanses of water, striking with surprise at enemy fleets and land bases, and then disappearing with equal swiftness. it has become axiomatic that in times of crisis, the first question asked by a President of the United States is, "Where are the carriers?"

WARBIRDS OF THE PACIFIC - The Carrier War brings history alive in a 2-DVD four hour original documentary exploring the role of the aircraft carrier and the warplanes that defeated Imperial Japan in some of the fiercest naval battles in history. With the Wildcat, the Dauntless and the Avenger, naval aviators held the line until the Hellcat and the Corsair arrived to give carrier task groups unrivaled flexibility and overwhelming hitting power. On the strength of these legendary aircraft, the US fast carrier task group overwhelmed the Imperial Japanese Navy in a series of relentless campaigns that stretched from the Midway Islands to Okinawa to Japan's doorstep. With rare combat footage, veteran's interviews and interactive maps, The Carrier War in the Pacific takes you inside these decisive contests.

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