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VR Troopers: Season One, Vol. 2

Released: January 15, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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When three young teenagers are granted extraordinary powers, enabling them to transform into virtual superheroes, they’re charged with the task of defending our world from the encroaching powers of the evil mutant known as Grimlord. Join Ryan Steele and his best friends, Kaitlin Star and J.B. Reese as they battle the virtual horde as the VR Troopers!

Includes the final 26 first-season episodes and the original extended promo introducing VR Troopers!


Bonus Features

  • Original Extended Promo

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
VR Troopers: The Couch Potato Kid
VR Troopers: Small But Mighty
VR Troopers: Who's King Of The Mountain?
VR Troopers: The Transmutant
VR Troopers: Good Trooper, Bad Trooper
VR Troopers: Friends In Need
VR Troopers: The Reality Virus
VR Troopers: The Littlest Trooper
VR Troopers: Field Goal
VR Troopers: Endangered Species
VR Troopers: Ghost Biker
VR Troopers: Defending Darkheart, Part 4
VR Troopers: Defending Darkheart, Part 2
VR Troopers: Defending Darkheart, Part 3
VR Troopers: Defending Darkheart, Part 1
VR Troopers: Danger In The Deep
VR Troopers: Three Strikes
VR Troopers: The Rise Of The Red Python, Part 2
VR Troopers: Grimlord's House Of Fear
VR Troopers: New Kids On The Planet
VR Troopers: Message From Space
VR Troopers: The Rise Of The Red Python, Part 1
VR Troopers: The Old Switcharoo
VR Troopers: Virtually Powerless
VR Troopers: Fiddler On The Loose
VR Troopers: Race To The Rescue
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VR Troopers

David Carradine Actor
Gardner Baldwin Actor
Michael Hollander Actor
Michael Sorich Actor
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