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Universal Horror Collection: Vol. 4

Released: March 17, 2020 • Available in US & Canada
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Volume 4 of the Universal Horror Collection includes four tales of terror from the archives of Universal Pictures, the true home of classic horror. This collection includes such horror stars as Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill, and Rondo Hatton. Boris Karloff ignites the screen as an inventor who is kidnapped by a gang of burglars and forced to help them commit robberies in Night Key. Bela Lugosi stars in a creepy tale of strange characters, secret passages and a murderer who masters the art of "mind over matter" in Night Monster. In The Climax, Karloff is terrifying as a mad doctor whose insane jealousy over a beautiful opera singer may drive him to murder. A giant of a man is used as an instrument of evil by a mad sculptor in House Of Horrors.

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Night Monster

Bela Lugosi Rolf
Lionel Atwill Dr. King
Leif Erickson Laurie
Irene Hervey Dr. Lynne Harper
Ralph Morgan Kurt Ingston
Don Porter Dick Baldwin
Nils Asther Agor Singh
Fay Helm Margaret Ingston
Frank Reicher Dr. Timmons
Doris Lloyd Sarah Judd
Ford Beebe Director
Clarence Upson Young Original Screenplay
Ford Beebe Producer
Donald H. Brown Associate Producer

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The Climax

Boris Karloff Dr. Friedrich Hohner
Susanna Foster Angela Klatt
Turhan Bey Franz Munzer
Gale Sondergaard Luise
Thomas Gomez Count Seebruck
June Vincent Marcellina
George Dolenz Amato Roselli
Ludwig Stössel Carl Baumann
Jane Farrar Jarmila Vadek
Ernö Verebes Brunn
George Waggner Director
Curt Siodmak Screenplay
Lynn Starling Screenplay
Curt Siodmak Adaptation
Edward Locke Play
George Waggner Librettos
George Waggner Producer
Joseph Gershenson Executive Producer

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House of Horrors

Robert Lowery Steven Morrow
Virginia Grey Joan Medford
Bill Goodwin Police Lt. Larry Brooks
Martin Kosleck Marcel De Lange
Alan Napier F. Holmes Harmon
Howard Freeman Hal Ormiston
Virginia Christine Lady of the Streets
Joan Shawlee Stella McNally
Rondo Hatton The Creeper
Oliver Blake The Janitor
Jean Yarbrough Director
George Bricker Screenplay
Dwight V. Babcock Original Story
Ben Pivar Producer

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Night Key

Boris Karloff David Mallory
Warren Hull Jim Travers
Jean Rogers Joan Mallory
Alan Baxter John Baron aka The Kid
Hobart Cavanaugh Petty Louie
Samuel S. Hinds Stephen Ranger
David Oliver Mike Callahan
Ward Bond Fingers
Frank Reicher Carl
Edwin Maxwell Kruger
Lloyd Corrigan Director
Tristram Tupper Screenplay
Jack Moffitt Screenplay
William A. Pierce Original Story
Robert Presnell Sr. Associate Producer

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