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Ultra Seven: The Complete Series (SOLD OUT)

Released: December 11, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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THE EARTH IS IN DANGER! Even now, fiendish hands are stretching out from the distant stars to seize the world…From their massive underground complex near Mt. Fuji, the Ultra Guard, an elite unit of the Terrestrial Defense Force, equipped with a squadron of Ultra Hawks, stands vigilant as our decisive first-line to combat the myriad of alien aggressors, who threaten the very existence of our planet. But, unbeknownst to his fellow teammates, Dan Moroboshi, is secretly an extraterrestrial aiding them in their fight to preserve the future of humanity — considered the “7th member” of the Ultra Guard — better known as “Ultra Seven!”

Produced by the creative team behind Ultraman, Ultra Seven is the third entry in the “Ultra Series,” and is arguably the best of the long-running franchise, with its emphasis on science fiction and themes touching on subjects ranging from the cruelty of war to social and racial injustices in the grand tradition of Star Trek and The Outer Limits. Plus, Ultra Seven features the colossal monsters and spectacular visual effects viewers expect from the men who brought Godzilla to life! For the first time on home video, complete and uncut, Shout! Factory’s complete box set of Ultra Seven is a must-have!

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Episode Episode Title
1 Ultra Seven: The Invisible Challenger
2 Ultra Seven: The Green Terror
3 Ultra Seven: The Secret Of The Lake
4 Ultra Seven: The Stolen Eye
5 Ultra Seven: The Lost Hours
6 Ultra Seven: The Dark Zone
7 Ultra Seven: Space Captive 303
8 Ultra Seven: The Cursed Town
9 Ultra Seven: Android Zero Directive
10 Ultra Seven: The Suspicious Neighbor
11 Ultra Seven: Fly To Devil's Mountain
13 Ultra Seven: The Man From V3
14 Ultra Seven: Westward, Ultra Garrison, Part One
15 Ultra Seven: Westward, Ultra Garrison, Part Two
16 Ultra Seven: Shining Eyes In The Darkness
17 Ultra Seven: Underground: Go! Go! Go!
18 Ultra Seven: Escape From Area X
19 Ultra Seven: Project Blue
20 Ultra Seven: Smash Epicenter X
21 Ultra Seven: Pursue The Undersea Base
22 Ultra Seven: The Human Ranch
23 Ultra Seven: Find Tomorrow
24 Ultra Seven: Return To The North!
25 Ultra Seven: Showdown At 140 Degrees Below Zero
26 Ultra Seven: Super Weapon R-1
27 Ultra Seven: Operation: Cyborg
28 Ultra Seven: The 700 Kilometer Run!
29 Ultra Seven: The Forsaken Earthman
30 Ultra Seven: Whom Takes The Glory
31 Ultra Seven: The Devil Who Dwells In A Flower
32 Ultra Seven: The Wandering Planet
33 Ultra Seven: The Dead Invaders
34 Ultra Seven: The Vanishing City
35 Ultra Seven: Horror On The Moon
36 Ultra Seven: The 0.1 Second Kill
37 Ultra Seven: The Stolen Ultra Eye
38 Ultra Seven: The Courageous Battle
39 Ultra Seven: The Seven Assassination Plan, Part One
40 Ultra Seven: The Seven Assassination Plan, Part Two
41 Ultra Seven: The Challenge From The Water
42 Ultra Seven: Ambassador Of The Nonmalt
43 Ultra Seven: Nightmare On Planet 4
44 Ultra Seven: The Terrifying Super-Simian
45 Ultra Seven: The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucer
46 Ultra Seven: The Duel: Dan Vs. Seven
47 Ultra Seven: Who Are You?
48 Ultra Seven: The Greatest Invasion In History, Part One
49 Ultra Seven: The Greatest Invasion In History, Part Two
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Ultra Seven: The Complete Series

Kôji Moritsugu Actor
Sandayû Dokumamushi Actor
Shôji Nakayama Actor
Yuriko Hishimi Actor
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