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TV's Cops & Private Eyes: Television Classics

Released: August 9, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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In the Golden Age of Television, almost every night offered one of the early staples of television entertainment, shows featuring cops and private detectives. Portrayed as diligent and aggressive they were also suave and worldly as they faced off against a variety of criminals, domestic and international.

This collection of those groundbreaking shows brings you a wide range od styles and mood from the jazz detective Peter Gunn to the gritty drama of Highway Patrol; from the streets of LA to a world of intrigue behind the Iron Curtain. Stirred together with a tantalizing hint of sex and violence, these tales of good combating evil have a timeless appeal.

The stars of these action-packed series include Broderiick Crawford, Charles Bronson, David Janssen, Craig Stevens, Alan Hale Jr., Cesar Romero, Jack Webb and many more of the fifty's most popular actors.

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