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Released: August 18, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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30 classic shows from the Golden Age of TV Westerns!

The Cisco Kid, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, The Rifleman, Bat Masterson, The Lone Ranger and more. Rare and hard to find episodes of your favorite shows. Never before aired and one-of-a kind pilot episodes.

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Episode Episode Title
1 The Rifleman: Misc.
1 The Range Rider: Misc
1 The Lone Ranger: Misc.
1 The High Chaparral: Misc.
1 The Cisco Kid: Misc.
1 The Adventures of Rick O'Shay: Misc.
1 The Adventures of Kit Carson: Misc.
1 Sugarfoot: Misc.
1 Story of A Star: Misc.
1 Shotgun Slade: Misc.
1 Red Ryder: Misc.
1 Night Rider: Misc.
1 Judge Roy Bean: Misc.
1 Johnny Moccasin: Misc.
1 Frontier: Misc.
1 Frontier Doctor: Misc.
1 Diamond Jim: Misc.
1 Death Valley Days: Misc.
1 Cowboy G-Men: Misc.
1 Buffalo Bill Jr.: Misc.
1 Bat Masterson: Misc.
1 Annie Oakley: Misc.
1 26 Men: Misc.
1 The Roy Rogers Show: Misc.
1 The Texas Rangers: Misc.
1 Tumbleweed: Misc.
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26 Men

Bob Pollard Actor
Hal Hopper Actor
Jack Riggs Actor
Kelo Henderson Actor
Tristram Coffin Actor

Yancy Derringer: Season 1

Charlene James Actor
Frances Bergen Actor
Jock Mahoney Actor
Kevin Hagen Actor
X Brands Actor
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