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Transformers: The Japanese Collection (SOLD OUT)

Released: June 13, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
Product SKU: 826663126037
List Price: $59.97 USD


Product Note: As of February 25, 2021, this title is OUT OF PRINT.



In 1984 the world was introduced to a unique line of transforming toys designed by Japanese toymaker Takara. Originally created as independent action figures, the characters were repackaged as THE TRANSFORMERS by American toy powerhouse Hasbro, who created a comprehensive backstory of valiant Autobots and treacherous Decepticons. The franchise was an instant success, launching popular comic books and a daily animated series that spanned four stunning seasons and an animated motion picture.

Original toy creators Takara teamed up with Toei Animation, took the events of the show's first three seasons and launched their own series, steering the heroic adventures of the Autobots — known as Cybertrons in Japan — in a completely new and surprising direction. Finally, for the very first time in North America, those three Japanese creations — HEADMASTERS, SUPER-GOD MASTERFORCE and VICTORY — can be seen in one deluxe DVD box set!

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Episode Episode Title
1 Transformers Headmasters: Four Warriors From Outer Space
2 Transformers Headmasters: The Mystery Of Planet Master
3 Transformers Headmasters: Behold The Birth Of Double Prime
4 Transformers Headmasters: The Autobot Cassette Operation
5 Transformers Headmasters: Rebellion On Planet Beast
6 Transformers Headmasters: Approach Of The Demon Meteorite
7 Transformers Headmasters: The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil Of Mystery
8 Transformers Headmasters: Terror Of The Six Shadows
9 Transformers Headmasters: Planet Cybertron Is In Grave Danger, Part 1
10 Transformers Headmasters: Planet Cybertron Is In Grave Danger, Part 2
11 Transformers Headmasters: Zarak – The Shadow Emperor
12 Transformers Headmasters: The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts
13 Transformers Headmasters: Head On, Fortress Maximus!
14 Transformers Headmasters: Explosion On Mars! Maximus Is In Danger!
15 Transformers Headmasters: Explosion On Mars! Scorponok Appears!
16 Transformers Headmasters: Return Of The Immortal Emperor
17 Transformers Headmasters: SOS From Planet Sandra
18 Transformers Headmasters: Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever
19 Transformers Headmasters: Fight To The Death On Planet Beehive
20 Transformers Headmasters: Battle For Defense Of The False Planet
21 Transformers Headmasters: Find Scorponok's Weak Spot
22 Transformers Headmasters: Head Formation Of Friendship
23 Transformers Headmasters: Mystery Of The Space Pirate Ship
24 Transformers Headmasters: The Death Of Ultra Magnus
25 Transformers Headmasters: The Emperor Of Destruction Vanishes On An Iceberg
26 Transformers Headmasters: I Risk My Life For Earth
27 Transformers Headmasters: The Miracle Warriors – The Targetmasters, Part 1
28 Transformers Headmasters: The Miracle Warriors – The Targetmasters, Part 2
29 Transformers Headmasters: The Master Is In Danger
30 Transformers Headmasters: The Zarak Shield Turns The Tide
31 Transformers Headmasters: Operation: Destroy The Decepticons
32 Transformers Headmasters: My Friend, Sixshot!
33 Transformers Headmasters: Duel On The Asteroid
34 Transformers Headmasters: The Final Showdown On Earth, Part 1
35 Transformers Headmasters: The Final Showdown On Earth, Part 2
36 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Rise Up, Pretenders!
37 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: The Decepticons' Fearsome Manhunt!
38 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Kidnapping! The Targeted Jumbo Jet
39 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Birth Of The Headmasters Jrs!
40 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Rage!! Little Devils With No Need For Rules!
41 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Go, Go Shooter! Showdown In The Wasteland
42 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Panic! Protect The Wild Animals!
43 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: The Super Warriors: The Godmaster Brothers
44 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: A Pierce Battle!! The Autobots Are In Trouble
45 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: A Hero Is Chosen And His Name Is Ginrai!
46 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Ginrai: God-On Of Rage!!
47 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: A Strange Friendship: Cancer And Minerva
48 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Friend Or Foe?! The True Form Of The Monster!!
49 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Eliminate The Godmaster Ginrai
50 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: The Heroic Birth Of Super Ginrai
51 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Lightfoot: A Dramatic Encounter
52 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: An Enemy? The Third Godmaster, Ranger
53 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: A Powerful Foe!! Sixknight The Wanderer
54 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: At Full Strength! The Four Godmaster Gunmen
55 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: The Autobot Warrior, Sixknight?!
56 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Save The Little Girl! The Chojin Warriors, The Godmasters
57 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Lightfoot Must Choose: Life Or Death?
58 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Expose The Decepticons' Dark Deception!
59 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Super Ginrai Gets Blown Away In The Desert!?
60 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Will The Bomber Project Be Destroyed!?
61 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: God Ginrai: Into The Sky!!
62 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: God Ginrai – Showdown On The Surface Of The Moon
63 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Overlord – Terror Of The Chokon Tornado
64 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Escape From The Exploding Underwater Volcano!!
65 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Destroy Godbomber!!
66 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: The Appearance Of The Final Godmaster!!
67 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Secret Orders: Destroy The Autobots' Base!!
68 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Disaster! The Autobots' Base Explodes
69 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: BlackZarak: Destroyer From Space
70 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Crisis! The Day Of The Downfall Of Humanity
71 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Will God Ginrai Save Cancer?
72 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: God Ginrai: Showdown At The Decepticon Base
73 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: The Ultimate Combination!! BlackZarak, The New Lifeform
74 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Battle To The Death!! God Ginrai Vs. Darkwings Reborn
75 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: The Autobots' Desperate Attack!!
76 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Malevolent And Inhuman: The True Form Of Devil Z
77 Transformers Super-God Masterforce: A Battle . . . And Then . . .
78 Transformers Victory: The Brave Hero Of The Universe, Star Saber
79 Transformers Victory: Sneak Attack! Dinoking
80 Transformers Victory: Attack! Leozack
81 Transformers Victory: Unite!! Multiforce
82 Transformers Victory: Move Out, Rescue Team!
83 Transformers Victory: Infiltration . . . The Uranium Mine
84 Transformers Victory: Explosion!! The Energy Base
85 Transformers Victory: The Underground City Of Terror
86 Transformers Victory: The New Warrior, Hellbat
87 Transformers Victory: Attack The Shuttle Base!!
88 Transformers Victory: Tanker Hijack Operation
89 Transformers Victory: Rescue Jan!!
90 Transformers Victory: Mach And Tackle
91 Transformers Victory: A Fierce Battle!! The Asteroid
92 Transformers Victory: Planet Micro: The Mysterious Warrior
93 Transformers Victory: Get Back Gaihawk!
94 Transformers Victory: Form Liokaiser!
95 Transformers Victory: The Resurrection Of The Decepticon Fortress!?
96 Transformers Victory: Battle Up Of Wrath
97 Transformers Victory: Battle To The Death At The South Pole!!
98 Transformers Victory: Crisis! Ambush In The Desert
99 Transformers Victory: A Deadly Battle
100 Transformers Victory: The Death Of Ginrai!!
101 Transformers Victory: Fight, Victory Leo!!
102 Transformers Victory: Awaken, Victory Leo!
103 Transformers Victory: The Tide Is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, The Victory Unification
104 Transformers Victory: Jan: Defend The Campus!!
105 Transformers Victory: A Mystery?! The Deception Of The Base Bombs
106 Transformers Victory: The Death-Bringing Space Insects!!
107 Transformers Victory: The Terror Of The Giant Tidal Waves
108 Transformers Victory: The Wrath Of The Resurrected Giant Fortress
109 Transformers Victory: Showdown! The Fortress Vs. The Victory Unification
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Transformers: The Japanese Collection

Banjō Ginga Actor
Hideyuki Hori Actor
Ikuya Sawaki Actor
Katsuji Mori Actor
Kazue Komiya Actor
Kōji Totani Actor
Masashi Ebara Actor
Masato Hirano Actor
Michitaka Kobayashi Actor
Naoki Tatsuta Actor
Ryōichi Tanaka Actor
Tomiko Suzuki Actor

Transformers Super-God Masterforce: Season 1

Hidekatsu Shibata Actor
Hiroshi Takemura Actor
Hōchū Ōtsuka Actor
Isamu Tanonaka Actor
Kaneto Shiozawa Actor
Keiichi Noda Actor
Ken Yamaguchi Actor
Rihoko Yoshida Actor
Takeshi Kusao Actor
Tsutomu Kashiwakura Actor
Yoku Shioya Actor

Transformers Victory: Season 1

Hideyuki Tanaka Actor
Hirohiko Kakegawa Actor
Hōchū Ōtsuka Actor
Kazumi Tanaka Actor
Keiichi Nanba Actor
Kōji Totani Actor
Masato Hirano Actor
Miyako Endō Actor
Shingo Hiromori Actor
Takeshi Aono Actor
Yoku Shioya Actor
Yumi Tōma Actor
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