Transformers Prime: Ultimate Rivals

Released: September 12, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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Ever since Optimus Prime and his team of Autobots landed on Earth, they've made many allies. But they've also acquired many enemies. From Megatron and his treacherous Decepticons to Silas and his agents of MECH, there are those who will stop at nothing — and use any tech necessary — to defeat Optimus Prime and take control of the planet. Only the Autobots can stop them. But will they?

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Episode Episode Title
Transformers Prime: The Human Factor
Transformers Prime: Tunnel Vision
Transformers Prime: Nemesis Prime
Transformers Prime: Metal Attraction
Transformers Prime: Convoy

Transformers Prime: Ultimate Rivals

Michael Ironside Actor
Adam Baldwin Actor
Andy Pessoa Actor
Clancy Brown Actor
Daran Norris Actor
David Sobolov Actor
Ernie Hudson Actor
Frank Welker Actor
Gina Torres Actor
James Horan Actor
Jeffrey Combs Actor
Josh Keaton Actor
Kevin Michael Richardson Actor
Markie Post Actor
Nolan North Actor
Peter Cullen Actor
Steven Blum Actor
Sumalee Montano Actor
Tania Gunadi Actor
Tony Todd Actor
Will Friedle Actor
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