Transformers Armada: The Complete Series

Released: March 11, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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The Complete Series! All 52 Thrilling Episodes!

The Unicron Trilogy Begins

The fight between the valiant Autobots and treacherous Decepticons continues, but the fate of the war may lie in the hands of the small, power-enhancing Transformers known as Mini-Cons. With the aid of the Autobots, the Mini-Cons escape Cybertron, but their safety is short-lived after an attack cripples the ship and forces it to crash land in Earth’s solar system. Now, after millions of years in stasis, the Decepticons have been alerted to the Mini-Cons’ whereabouts and it’s up to the Autobots to protect them as well as all of humanity.


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Episode Episode Title
1 First Encounter
2 Metamorphosis
3 Base
4 Comrade
5 Soldier
6 Jungle
7 Carnival
8 Palace
9 Confrontation
10 Underground
11 Ruin
12 Prehistory
13 Swoop
14 Overmatch
15 Gale
16 Credulous
17 Conspiracy
18 Trust
19 Vacation
20 Reinforcements
21 Decisive Battle
22 Vow
23 Rebellion
24 Chase
25 Tactitian
26 Linkup
27 Detection
28 Awakening
29 Desperate
30 Runaway
31 Past
32 Past II
33 Sacrifice
34 Regeneration
35 Rescue
36 Mars
37 Crack
38 Threaten
39 Crisis
40 Remorse
41 Depart
42 Miracle
43 Puppet
44 Uprising
45 Dash
46 Drift
47 Portent
48 Cramp
49 Alliance
50 Union
51 Origin
52 Mortal Combat
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Transformers: Armada

Garry Chalk Optimus Prime
David Kaye Megatron, Galvatron
Michael Dobson Starscream, Thundercracker
Matt Hill Carlos
Scott McNeil Jetfire
Brent Miller Hot Shot
Kirby Morrow Rad
Colin Murdock Thrust
Tabitha St. Germain Alexis
Brian Dobson Red Alert, Platoon Leader
Masayuki Matsumoto Director
Hidehito Ueda Director
Shoji Tonoike Writer
Jono Howard Writer
Terry Klassen Writer
Ryo Motohira Writer
Steve Drucker Producer
Eugene Ishikawa Producer
Hiroshi Kato Producer
Kichou Minami Producer

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