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Tower Block

Released: July 2, 2013 • Available in US
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“A Thriller That Delivers With Brutal Simplicity!” -- Empire

The residents of Tower Block 31 are terrified after witnessing the brutal murder of a young man. The case is left unsolved, due in large part to their collective silence. A year later, with their building marked for demolition, the witnesses begin to find themselves picked off one by one by a mysterious sniper out for justice. Pitted against not only the sniper’s deadly traps, but also each other, the residents must figure out a way to escape their own building…or die trying.

Featuring critically hailed performances by Jack O’Connell (300: Rise Of An Empire) and Sheridan Smith (Quartet) and co-starring Ralph Brown (Stoker), and Russell Tovey (BBC’s Being Human), Tower Block is a pulse-pounding thriller that delivers gritty action and relentless suspense!

Bonus Features

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Product Information

Tower Block

Jack O'Connell Actor
James Harris Producer
James Moran Writer
James Nunn Director
Mark Lane Producer
Ralph Brown Actor
Ronnie Thompson Director
Ronnie Thompson Producer
Sheridan Smith Actor
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