Tombstone Territory: The Complete Series

Released: December 17, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Tombstone, Arizona was one of the Old West's most notorious frontier towns, home to countless bandits and desperadoes and in 1881, the location of the legendary "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral." Debuting on ABC in 1957, Tombstone Territory more than lives up to the real-life versions rough and tumble reputation.

Pat Conway stars as Sheriff Clay Hollister and Richard Eastham as Harris Claibourn, the editor of Tombstone's local newspaper. Sheriff Hollister has his hands full trying to keep the peace in his city as gunslingers, bank robbers, and criminals of all kinds ride through "The Town Too Tough To Die."

Many wonderful guest stars appears on the show including Harry Carey, Jr., Lon Chaney, Jr., James Coburn, Angie Dickinson, Jack Elam, Michael Landon, Leonard Nimoy, Denver Pyle, Pernell Roberts, Lee Van Cleef and many others.

Product Information

Tombstone Territory

Pat Conway Sheriff Clay Hollister
Richard Eastham Harris Claibourne, Narrator
Quentin Sondergaard Deputy Quint, Deputy, Deputy Sheriff Quint
Bill Catching Gang Member, Dan, Ed
Gilman Rankin Deputy Charlie Riggs
Dennis Moore Deputy Lee, Bill Sherwood, Deputy Lee Higley
Troy Melton Bar Room Brawler, Jim Kenney, McLowrey
Harry Woods Dr. Cunningham
Robert Shield Deputy Jimmy, Deputy, Deputy Jim
Robert Swan Baines, Bartender, Card Player
Eddie Davis Director
Walter Doniger Director
Richard L. Bare Director
Franklin Adreon Director
William Conrad Director
Otto Lang Director
James Goldstone Director
Leon Benson Director
Tom Gries Director
Christian Nyby Director
Ted Post Director
Alan Crosland Jr. Director
Herman Hoffman Director
Lew Landers Director
Norman Foster Director
Paul Guilfoyle Director
Henry S. Kesler Director
Harold D. Schuster Director
David Friedkin Director
Jack Herzberg Director
Felix E. Feist Director
Andy White Writer
Leo Gordon Writer
Barney Slater Writer
Guy de Vry Writer
Stuart Jerome Writer
William Tunberg Writer
Martin Berkeley Writer
Clarke Reynolds Writer
Gene Levitt Writer
Frank Pittman Writer
Ron Bishop Writer
Wells Root Writer
S.H. Barnett Writer
Fran van Hartesveldt Writer
Steve Fisher Writer
Fred Freiberger Writer
Laurence Heath Writer
Don Brinkley Writer
Harold Shumate Writer
Paul Savage Writer
Paul Franklin Writer
Melvin Levy Writer
Jim Carling Writer
Martin Mooney Writer
Teddi Sherman Writer
Robert Turner Writer
Robert C. Bennett Writer
Warren Douglas Writer
William Driskill Writer
James Edmiston Writer
Milton S. Gelman Writer
Tom Gries Writer
David Lang Writer
Sam Peckinpah Writer
Maurice Tombragel Writer
D.D. Beauchamp Writer
Virginia M. Cooke Writer
John Elliotte Writer
Bret Hill Writer
Don Ingalls Writer
Stephen Kandel Writer
John W. Krafft Writer
Turnley Walker Writer
Lee Berg Writer
Vernon E. Clark Writer
Dave Clay Writer
Marion Parsonnet Writer
Joe Richardson Writer
Mikhail Rykoff Writer
Walter Doniger Writer
Frederick Louis Fox Writer
John McGreevey Writer
Sloan Nibley Writer
Frank Pittman Producer
Frank Pittman Producer
Andy White Producer
Frederick W. Ziv Producer

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