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Drama / Film Noir / Thriller / Crime / Film

Thunder Road

Released: April 7, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Moonshine to quench the devil's thirst!

The legendary Robert Mitchum roars down the hottest highway on earth in the action-packed Thunder Road, a cult classic that moves like white lightning.

Korean War veteran Lucas Doolin (Mitchum) runs moonshine across the mountain back roads, dodging the law and the lawless alike. With government agents and gangsters closing in on the operation, it seems the county may run dry—but the untamed Doolin is a man who plays by his own rules, and slams the pedal to the metal for one last run.

Gene Barry and Keely Smith also star in this 100 proof, full-force cyclone of action and drama.

Bonus Features

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Product Information

Thunder Road

Arthur Ripley Director
Arthur Ripley Producer
Gene Barry Actor
Jacques Aubuchon Actor
James Atlee Phillips Writer
Keely Smith Actor
Robert Mitchum Actor
Robert Mitchum Writer
Robert Mitchum Producer
Trevor Bardette Actor
Walter Wise Writer
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