Thomas And The Magic Railroad Replacement Disc

Released: November 10, 2020 • Available in US & Canada
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This is a replacement disc for Thomas And The Magic Railroad [20th Anniversary Edition], originally released on September 29, 2020.

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Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Alec Baldwin Mr. Conductor
Cody McMains Patch
Russell Means Billy Twofeathers
Peter Fonda Grandpa Burnett Stone
Jared Wall Young Burnett
Laura Bower Young Tasha
Didi Conn Stacy Jones
Mara Wilson Lily
Lori Hallier Lily's Mother
Michael E. Rodgers Mr. C. Junior
Britt Allcroft Director
Britt Allcroft Writer
Britt Allcroft Writer
Wilbert Awdry Writer
Britt Allcroft Writer
Rick Siggelkow Writer
Britt Allcroft Producer
Brent Baum Producer
John Bertolli Producer
Nancy Chapelle Producer
Charles Falzon Producer
Philip D. Fehrle Producer
Mark Jacobson Producer
Barry London Producer
Shelley Elizabeth Skinner Producer
Steven Stabler Producer

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