Things Will Be Better: The Best Of David Broza

Released: April 18, 2006 • Available in US & Canada
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Multi-platinum Israeli singer/songwriter and guitarist David Broza continues to forge his way with a style so diverse that he has passionate fans in every corner of the world. Critics have labeled Broza as a post-modern Leonard Cohen, the Bruce Springsteen of Israel and all five Gypsy Kings rolled into one!

Broza's signature style of Flamenco and Salsa-tinged folk rock melodies fill this Best Of compilation. Featuring the hits, "Srochim" (Shoelaces), "Ramito DeVioletas" and an all new version of the classic hit "Suavecito."

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Track Track Name
1 Suavecito
2 Under The Sun
3 Chileno Boys
4 Haifa
5 Parking Completo
6 Homecoming
7 Because I Love You
8 It's All Or Nothing
9 You Don't Love Me
10 Me Voy
11 Srochim (Shoelaces)
12 Crying To The Walls
13 High Noon
14 Ramito De Violetas (Sigaliyot)
15 Natasha
16 Bedouin Love Song
17 Yihye Tov (Things Will Get Better)
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