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The Unknown War: WWII And The Epic Battles Of The Russian Front

Released: May 24, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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The greatest battles of World War II and the most devastating human losses which the modern world has ever seen occurred on Russian soil during 1941-45, on a battlefield that is unknown to most Americans: the conflict between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia.

The Unknown War: World War II And The Epic Battles Of The Russian Front is a landmark television series written by Rod McKuen that captures both the gripping detail and the epic sweep of Hitler's brutal invasion. Hosted by Academy Award winner Burt Lancaster, the sprawling 20-part series features previously unseen footage (shot by Soviet camera crews on the frontlines of the war) from deep within the Kremlin vaults.

The series was pulled from public television prematurely due to viewer complaints following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The remaining episodes have never been seen, making the show legendary in WWII history circles and inspiring a number of smaller-scale knock-offs over the past three decades. Now, war-history buffs young and old can finally witness The Unknown War for themselves in this long-awaited 5-DVD set.


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Episode Episode Title
1 The Unknown War: June 22, 1941
2 The Unknown War: The Battle For Moscow
3 The Unknown War: The Siege Of Leningrad
4 The Unknown War: To The East
5 The Unknown War: The Defense Of Stalingrad
6 The Unknown War: Survival At Stalingrad
7 The Unknown War: The World's Greatest Tank Battle
8 The Unknown War: War In The Arctic
9 The Unknown War: War In The Air
10 The Unknown War: Partisans: The Guerrilla War
11 The Unknown War: The Battle Of The Seas
12 The Unknown War: Battle For The Caucasus
13 The Unknown War: The Liberation Of The Ukraine
14 The Unknown War: The Liberation Of Belorussia
15 The Unknown War: From The Balkans To Vienna
16 The Unknown War: The Liberation Of Poland
17 The Unknown War: The Allies
18 The Unknown War: The Battle Of Berlin
19 The Unknown War: The Last Battle Of The Unknown War
20 The Unknown War: A Soldier Of The Unknown War
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The Unknown War

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