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The TV Set

Released: September 15, 2020 • Available in US
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Shout Select
Product Note: Extras in progress and will be announced at a later date.


"A Wickedly Funny Satire!" – Ruthe Stein, San Francisco Chronicle

A "pricelessly deadpan David Duchovny [and a] flat-out fabulous Sigourney Weaver" (Rolling Stone) topline a "crackerjack cast" (Entertainment Weekly) in this uproarious, edgy peek into the world of network television ... where ratings are king, and big dreams don't always fit on the small screen!

TV writer Mike Klein (Duchovny) is in the Prime Time of his life: his show just got picked up by a network, his favorite actor is set to star, and his wife is about to have a baby. But even though his wife is sure to deliver, the network president (Weaver) might not! After locking horns with the steely suit, the hapless scribe must scramble to maintain creative control, before his beloved project is altered irrevocably and his entire career winds up in permanent hiatus!

Product Information

The TV Set

David Duchovny Mike Klein
Sigourney Weaver Lenny
Ioan Gruffudd Richard McCallister
Judy Greer Alice
Fran Kranz Zach Harper
Lindsay Sloane Laurel Simon
Justine Bateman Natalie Klein
Lucy Davis Chloe McCallister
Willie Garson Brian
M.C. Gainey Hutch
Jake Kasdan Director
Jake Kasdan Written By
Judd Apatow Executive Producer
Carey Dietrich Associate Producer
Jake Kasdan Producer
Lawrence Kasdan Executive Producer
Paul Pressburger Associate Producer
Aaron Ryder Producer
Ron Schmidt Co-producer
Howard Tager Associate Producer

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