The Tall Man: The Complete Series

Released: December 6, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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The Tall Man, set in the New Mexico Territory of the 1870’s, starred western stalwarts Barry Sullivan (The Road West, Harbormaster) and Clu Gulager (The Virginian, Once an Eagle) in fictionalized tales of the adventures of two famous, and infamous, characters out of the real Wild West. Sullivan plays Sheriff Pat Garrett, whose honesty and forthrightness led to his nickname, “The Tall Man,” and Gulager takes on the role of William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, a young gunfighter with a penchant for trouble.

Joining the boys for fun in the first season are many guest stars, including Denver Pyle (Garrett and the Kid), Leonard Nimoy (A Bounty for Billy), Claude Akins (Night Train to Tularosa), Marianna Hill (And the Beast), Iron Eyes Cody and Andy Clyde (McBean Rides Again), Harry Carey, Jr. (One of One Thousand), James Coburn (The Best Policy), and Martin Landau (Dark Moment).

The second season also features many guest stars, including Patricia Barry (Where’s Sylvia?), Edgar Buchanan (The Judas Palm), George Kennedy (Trial By Hanging), Vic Morrow (Time of Foreshadowing), Andy Clyde (Substitute Sheriff), Martin Landau and Slim Pickens (The Black Robe) and many more.

This Timeless Media release, authorized by NBCUniversal, brings you all 75 episodes of The Tall Man on 8 dual layer DVD’s, over 30 hours of non-stop western action. So pull up a seat for one of the most memorable half-hour westerns to ever grace the small screen!

Product Information

The Tall Man

Barry Sullivan Pat Garrett
Clu Gulager Billy the Kid
Walter Lawrence Townsman, Barfly
Mark Tapscott Andy, The Deputy, Deputy Andy
Judy Nugent June McBean
Marianna Hill Rita
Andy Clyde Pa McBean
Hal K. Dawson The Clerk, Jack, Justice of the Peace
Ken Lynch Andy Gorman
Olive Sturgess May McBean
Franklin Adreon Director
Tay Garnett Director
Sidney Lanfield Director
Lesley Selander Director
Edward Montagne Director
Frank Arrigo Director
R.G. Springsteen Director
Richard Irving Director
William Witney Director
Herschel Daugherty Director
Henry S. Kesler Director
Richard Bartlett Director
Richard Donner Director
Ted Post Director
Frank McDonald Director
Sydney Pollack Director
Samuel A. Peeples Writer
Frank Price Writer
Tom Seller Writer
Arthur Browne Jr. Writer
Richard Fielder Writer
Paul King Writer
D.C. Fontana Writer
Barry Shipman Writer
David Lang Writer
Cyril Hume Writer
Les Crutchfield Writer
Robert E. Thompson Writer
Martin Berkeley Writer
Borden Chase Writer
Peter Barry Writer
Milton S. Gelman Writer
Thomas Thompson Writer
Mark Weingart Writer
Shimon Wincelberg Writer
Margaret Armen Writer
D.D. Beauchamp Writer
Joseph Stone Writer
Frank Price Producer
Frank Price Producer
Nat Holt Producer
Samuel A. Peeples Producer
Edward Montagne Producer
Edward Montagne Producer

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