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Western / TV

The Restless Gun: The Complete Series

Released: April 23, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Based on a radio teleplay starring James Stewart, Restless Gun follows the exploits of Vint Bonner, (John Payne) a retired gunfighter and restless drifter who wanders the Southwest in search of adventure. Payne's fine, easy-going performance made Bonner a very appealing western hero. Preferring to find peaceful resolutions to the problems he faced, Bonner was often given no choice but to fight and his proficiency with a gun made him a fearsome opponent to those who dared cross him. With a fine supporting cast, including guest appearances by Dan Blocker (The Way Back), James Coburn (The Pawn), Royal Dano (Cheyenne Express), Claude Akins (Thicker Than Water), Denver Pyle (The Pawn), Alan Hale (Incident At Bluefields). Restless Gun consistently ranked in the Neilsen Top Ten during its run.

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