The Restless Gun: The Complete Series

Released: April 23, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Based on a radio teleplay starring James Stewart, Restless Gun follows the exploits of Vint Bonner, (John Payne) a retired gunfighter and restless drifter who wanders the Southwest in search of adventure. Payne's fine, easy-going performance made Bonner a very appealing western hero. Preferring to find peaceful resolutions to the problems he faced, Bonner was often given no choice but to fight and his proficiency with a gun made him a fearsome opponent to those who dared cross him. With a fine supporting cast, including guest appearances by Dan Blocker (The Way Back), James Coburn (The Pawn), Royal Dano (Cheyenne Express), Claude Akins (Thicker Than Water), Denver Pyle (The Pawn), Alan Hale (Incident At Bluefields). Restless Gun consistently ranked in the Neilsen Top Ten during its run.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Duel at Lockwood
1 Jebediah Bonner
2 Trail to Sunset
2 Day of the Dragon
3 Revenge at Harness Creek
3 Mercyday
4 Rink
4 Thunder Alley
5 Jenny
5 The Nowhere Kid
6 The Shooting of Jett King
6 Bonner's Squaw
7 Jody
7 Tomboy
8 General Gilford's Widow
8 Remember the Dead
9 The New Sheriff
9 No Way to Kill
10 Man and Boy
10 Take Me Home
11 Cheyenne Express
11 Multiply One Boy
12 Thicker Than Water
12 Peligroso
13 Silver Threads
13 A Bell for Santo Domingo
14 The Child
14 The Way Back
15 The Gold Buckle
15 The Painted Beauty
16 The Coward
16 Shadow of a Gunfighter
17 Friend in Need
17 The Lady and the Gun
18 Strange Family in Town
18 Blood of Courage
19 Hang and Be Damned
19 Better Than a Cannon
20 Quiet City
20 The Dead Ringer
21 Hornitas Town
21 The Last Grey Man
22 Imposter for a Day
22 Melany
23 A Pressing Engagement
23 Ricochet
24 Woman from Sacramento
24 Dead Man's Hand
25 Sheriff Billy
25 The Sweet Sisters
26 The Hand Is Quicker
26 Incident at Bluefield
27 The Suffragette
27 The Pawn
28 The Whip
28 Four Lives
29 The Crisis at Easter Creek
29 One on the House
30 Aunt Emma
30 Code for a Killer
31 The Outlander
31 Mme. Brimstone
32 The Battle of Tower Rock
32 Lady by Law
33 The Torn Flag
33 Ride with the Devil
34 Hiram Grover's Strike
34 A Trial for Jenny May
35 The Gold Star
35 The Cavis Boy
36 More Than Kin
36 The Englishman
37 The Manhunters
37 A Very Special Investigator
38 The Peddler
38 The Hill of Death
39 Gratitude
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The Restless Gun

John Payne Vint Bonner, Britt Ponset, Gene Baroda
Dan Blocker Fred Burgermen, Ike Burnett, John 'El Bruto'
Jeanne Bates Anna Ritter, Greta Hoffman, Mary Jepson
Stuart Randall Marshal Powers, Ruby Bannister, Sheriff
Leonard P. Geer Townsman, Ambusher #2, Henchman
John Larch Anse Newton, Jett King, Red-eye Kirk
Claude Akins Lex Springer, Matt Pierce, Rafe Marlowe
Lane Bradford Howie, Jesse Drake, Sheriff Ben Webster
William Fawcett Doctor, Moss Blaine, Seth
Henry Hull Doc Kemmer, Jesse McKee, Matt Harper
Edward Ludwig Director
Justus Addiss Director
Sam Strangis Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Robert Florey Director
Allen H. Miner Director
James Neilson Director
Newt Arnold Writer
John Tucker Battle Writer
John Tucker Battle Writer
John Tucker Battle Writer
Arnold Belgard Writer
Robert Leslie Bellem Writer
Lee Berg Writer
Lester Wm. Berke Writer
Ron Bishop Writer
Ron Bishop Writer
Robert J. Black Jr. Writer
Frank Bonham Writer
Adele Buffington Writer
Frank Burt Writer
Frank Burt Writer
Frank Burt Writer
Jess Carneol Writer
Will Cook Writer
Gene L. Coon Writer
Oliver Crawford Writer
David Cross Writer
Norman Daniels Writer
Norman Daniels Writer
H.A. De Rosso Writer
David Dortort Writer
Hal G. Evarts Writer
Hal G. Evarts Writer
John Falvo Writer
Hal Fimberg Writer
Fanya Foss Writer
Kenneth Gamet Writer
Lawrence L. Goldman Writer
Howard J. Green Writer
Herman Groves Writer
Herman Groves Writer
Marion Hargrove Writer
Marion Hargrove Writer
Richard Harper Writer
Jack Jacobs Writer
Joel Kane Writer
Joel Kane Writer
Lee Karson Writer
Lee Karson Writer
Christopher Knopf Writer
Harry Kronman Writer
Jack Laird Writer
Kay Lenard Writer
Herbert Little Jr. Writer
Herbert Little Jr. Writer
Daniel Mainwaring Writer
Al Martin Writer
Mary C. McCall Jr. Writer
Mary C. McCall Jr. Writer
Halsey Melone Writer
Halsey Melone Writer
Lawrence Menkin Writer
Jack Natteford Writer
Richard Newman Writer
Richard Newman Writer
Richard Newman Writer
John Payne Writer
John Payne Writer
Talmage Powell Writer
Dean Riesner Writer
Wells Root Writer
Alvin Sapinsley Writer
Alvin Sapinsley Writer
Wilton Schiller Writer
Charles Smith Writer
Charles Smith Writer
Charles Smith Writer
N.B. Stone Jr. Writer
Joseph Stone Writer
Nat Tanchuck Writer
Ted Thomas Writer
Thomas Thompson Writer
Thomas Thompson Writer
William Tunberg Writer
David Victor Writer
David Victor Writer
Hendrik Vollaerts Writer
Malvin Wald Writer
Frank Waldman Writer
Luci Ward Writer
Arthur Weiss Writer
David Dortort Producer
John Payne Producer
Felix Jackson Producer

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