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Western / TV

The Rebel: Season One

Released: August 18, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Roam through the West with Johnny Yuma in The Rebel: Season 1!

Finally available in a fully authorized, rip-roaring collection, The Rebel rides into your living room on DVD!

The Rebel follows the exploits of former Confederate soldier Johnny Yuma. Haunted by his experiences in the Civil War, and obsessed with chronicling his adventures in his journal, the young and intense Yuma wanders the West in search of causes to champion, wrongs to be righted… and his own inner peace. With both a revolver and a double-barreled shotgun at the ready, Yuma is more than a match for anyone who crosses his path!

Featuring all 36 episodes from The Rebel's first season, this fully authorized collection (including the famous theme song) is a must for all Western fans, sure as shootin'!


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Episode Episode Title
The Rebel: The Earl Of Durango
The Rebel: Lady Of Quality
The Rebel: Night On A Rainbow
The Rebel: Grant Of Land
The Rebel: Paint A House With Scarlet
The Rebel: In Memory Of A Son
The Rebel: A Grave For Johnny Yuma
The Rebel: Blind Marriage
The Rebel: The Capture Of Tremblor
The Rebel: Absolution
The Rebel: Unsurrendered Sword
The Rebel: Fair Game
The Rebel: You Steal My Eyes
The Rebel: The Rattler
The Rebel: Take Dead Aim
The Rebel: Land
The Rebel: He's Only A Boy
The Rebel: Noblesse Oblige
The Rebel: The Crime
The Rebel: The Unwanted
The Rebel: Angry Town
The Rebel: Glory
The Rebel: Gold Seeker
The Rebel: The Death Of Gray
The Rebel: Gun City
The Rebel: Dark Secret
The Rebel: In Memoriam
The Rebel: The Vagrants
The Rebel: Misfits
The Rebel: School Days
The Rebel: The Scavengers
The Rebel: Panic
The Rebel: Vicious Circle
The Rebel: Judgement
The Rebel: Yellow Hair
The Rebel: Johnny Yuma
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The Rebel

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