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The Pope Of Greenwich Village / Desperate Hours [Double Feature]

Released: June 2, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Academy Award® Nominee* Mickey Rourke Stars In Two Modern Classics!

The Pope Of Greenwich Village

Mickey Rourke (Sin City), Eric Roberts (Runaway Train) and Daryl Hannah (Blade Runner) "create emotion-charged characters who tingle with energy and play with conviction" (The Hollywood Reporter) in this modern-day classic.

In New York's Little Italy, smooth-talking hustler Charlie (Rourke) works in a restaurant and dreams of one day buying his own with his girlfriend Diane (Hannah). His wiry wheeler-dealer cousin Paulie (Roberts) waits tables, skims money off checks and is always scheming to score big. But they're all about to pull a scam on the wrong guy: Eddie (Burt Young, Rocky), the Mafia King of Greenwich Village! Now these small-time con men are in big-time trouble – trouble so big that even their mobster uncle might not be able to save them!

Desperate Hours

From Oscar® winner Michael Cimino (1978 Best Director, The Deer Hunter) comes this taut psychological thriller about a family held hostage in their own home.

In dire need of a hideout, escaped convict Michael Bosworth (Mickey Rouke) uses his charming smile to gain entry into the posh home of Nora and Tim Cornell (Mimi Rogers and Oscar® winner Anthony Hopkins**) and their two children. While waiting for his beautiful lawyer-turned-accomplice (Kelly Lynch) to arrive, Bosworth's smile soon explodes into homicidal rage when the Cornells desperately try to fight back. Holding the family at gunpoint and ruthlessly pitting husband against wife, Bosworth's fury escalates into a shocking night of terror and cold-blooded murder. Finally, the family is forced to take a stand that will either destroy them... or unite them as never before.

*2008: Best Actor, The Wrestler

**1991: Best Actor, The Silence Of The Lambs

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120 / 105 min
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The Pope Of Greenwich Village / Desperate Hours [Double Feature]

Stuart Rosenberg Director
Burt Young Actor
Daryl Hannah Actor
Eric Roberts Actor
Geraldine Page Actor
Kenneth McMillan Actor
M. Emmet Walsh Actor
Mickey Rourke Actor
Tony Musante Actor
Vincent Patrick Writer
Gene Kirkwood Producer
Hawk Koch Producer

Desperate Hours

Michael Cimino Director
Anthony Hopkins Actor
David Morse Actor
Elias Koteas Actor
Kelly Lynch Actor
Lindsay Crouse Actor
Mickey Rourke Actor
Mimi Rogers Actor
Shawnee Smith Actor
Joseph Hayes Writer
Lawrence Konner Writer
Mark Rosenthal Writer
Dino De Laurentiis Producer
Martha De Laurentiis Producer
Michael Cimino Producer
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