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The Paper Chase: Season One

Released: April 7, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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"The law works for those who tell the truth. It is an instrument for justice and a means of evaluating — with great accuracy and beauty — the truth and meaning of human interactions." — Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr.

Rural Minnesotan James T. Hart (James Stephens) is unprepared for the life of a first-year law student at an Ivy League school. On his first day, in his first class, he elicits the ire of the revered and feared contracts professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr. (played by the brilliant John Houseman reprising his Academy Award®–winning movie role). But Hart is committed. And smart. And so is The Paper Chase.

In order to keep up with the never-ending workload, Hart joins a study group for support. Each episode explores the trials and tribulations, the successes and failures, the competition and camaraderie of those students under pressure.

Premiering on CBS in 1978, the show's first season won great critical praise for its dramatic depth and superb acting. It reran on PBS for a couple of years until Showtime picked it up (with much of the original cast) and continued on through graduation.

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Episode Episode Title
The Paper Chase: Scavenger Hunt
The Paper Chase: The Case Of Detente
The Paper Chase: An Act Of Desperation
The Paper Chase: The Tables Down At Ernie's
The Paper Chase: The Clay Footed Idol
The Paper Chase: Once More With Feeling
The Paper Chase: The Apprentice
The Paper Chase: A Matter Of Anger
The Paper Chase: The Man In The Chair
The Paper Chase: Losing Streak
The Paper Chase: Bell And Love
The Paper Chase: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Paper Chase: Kingsfield's Daughter
The Paper Chase: Moot Court
The Paper Chase: The Seating Chart
The Paper Chase: Da Da
The Paper Chase: The Man Who Would Be King
The Paper Chase: Nancy
The Paper Chase: Voices Of Silence
The Paper Chase: Great Expectations
The Paper Chase: A Day In The Life Of...
The Paper Chase: Pilot
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The Paper Chase: Season One

Betty Harford Actor
Deka Beaudine Actor
Francine Tacker Actor
James Keane Actor
James Stephens Actor
John Houseman Actor
Jonathan Sagall Actor
Robert Ginty Actor
Tom Fitzsimmons Actor
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