The Middleman: The Complete Series

Released: July 28, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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Based on the series of graphic novels by acclaimed writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost) and artist Les McClaine, The Middleman focuses on the titular superhero and his new protégé, an aspiring artist named Wendy Watson. Together they defend the Earth against “exotic problems” such as animated Terra Cotta Warriors, evil lucha libre wrestlers, extraterrestrials, trout-eating zombies and much, much more!

Both smart and exciting for fans of all ages, The Middleman scored big with sci-fi fans and critics alike when it debuted as a live-action television series on ABC Family in June of 2008. Now the complete series is available in one collectible 4-disc box set that is chock-full of action, suspense, wit and bonus features brought straight to you by the cast and creators of The Middleman themselves!

Product Information

The Middleman

Matt Keeslar The Middleman
Natalie Morales Wendy Watson
Brit Morgan Lacey Thornfield
Mary Pat Gleason Ida
Jake Smollett Noser
Cindy Robinson
Brendan Hines Tyler Ford
Drew Tyler Bell Pip
Sean Davis Joe 90
Elaine Hendrix Roxy Wasserman
Jeremiah S. Chechik Director
Michael Zinberg Director
Guy Norman Bee Director
Norman Buckley Director
Michael Grossman Director
John T. Kretchmer Director
Allan Kroeker Director
Sandy Smolan Director
Javier Grillo-Marxuach Writer
Les McClaine Writer
Andy Reaser Writer
Jordan Rosenberg Writer
Tracey Stern Writer
Sarah Watson Writer
Hans Beimler Writer
Margaret Dunlap Writer
Javier Grillo-Marxuach Producer
Shane Keller Producer
John Ziffren Producer
Hans Beimler Producer
Jeremiah S. Chechik Producer
Jon Paré Producer
Sarah Watson Producer
Tracey Stern Producer
Ron McLeod Producer

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