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The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis: Season Three

Released: May 6, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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36 Original Episodes!

Dobie, wants a gal to call his own …

Season Three finds Dobie and Maynard discharged from the army and enrolled in S. Peter Pryor Junior College. Their long-suffering English teacher from high school, Mr. Pomfritt (William Schallert) has transferred there too, while Zelda and Chatsworth have also enrolled to join the fun. Highlights from this season include Maynard suing Dobie’s father, Dobie running for student council, Dobie’s father teaching Chatsworth how to act like a man, and both Dobie and Maynard stowing away on a boat bound for South America to escape the clutches of the still-determined Zelda.

Guest stars throughout the season include Michele Lee, Bill Bixby, and Charles Lane.


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The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis

Bob Denver Actor
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Florida Friebus Actor
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Sheila James Kuehl Actor
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