The Man In The Iron Mask [20th Anniversary Edition]

Released: October 9, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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For the honor of the crown and the destiny of a country, four heroes must reassemble for one last epic battle ...

Leonardo DiCaprio leads a phenomenal cast, including Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Gérard Depardieu, and Gabriel Byrne in the thrilling tale of majesty and Musketeers, The Man In The Iron Mask.

It is a time of great splendor ... and even greater despair. When the selfish excesses of France's arrogant King Louis XIV begin to threaten his subjects' very lives, the legendary Musketeers — Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and d'Artagnan — must reunite to save their country once more. The key to their plan? A mysterious masked prisoner, who may be France's only true hope.

Why We Love It

“If you own any of the MGM or Fox discs, you'll want to upgrade with this special edition…The new transfer is often ravishing to behold. DiCaprio fans will want to lap this up.” – Dr. Stephen Larson,

“The new 4K Scan of the Original Camera Negative is stunning.  Shout has done it again with getting premium film assets and turning out great work…Fans of The Man in the Iron Mask will be elated by this new edition with a beautiful transfer and a wealth of New and Archival special features.” – A.W. Lautzer, The Movie Aisle

“The new 4K scan really opens things up and makes the film a beauty to just gaze at.” – Brandon Peters, Why So Blu


Bonus Features

  • NEW 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative
  • NEW Interview With Producer Paul Hitchcock
  • NEW Interview With Production Designer Anthony Pratt
  • Audio Commentary By Writer/Director Randall Wallace
  • “Myth and The Musketeers” Featurette
  • “Director’s Take” Featurette
  • Original Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
  • Alternate Mask Prototypes
  • Theatrical trailer

Product Information

The Man In The Iron Mask [20th Anniversary Edition]

Leonardo DiCaprio Actor
Jeremy Irons Actor
John Malkovich Actor
Gérard Depardieu Actor
Gabriel Byrne Actor
Anne Parillaud Actor
Judith Godrèche Actor
Alan Ladd Jr. Executive Producer
Randall Wallace Writer
Randall Wallace Producer
Randall Wallace Director
Russell Smith Producer
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