The Loretta Young Show: The Best Of The Complete Series [100th Birthday Edition]

Released: February 12, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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Starting with the very first episode of the original show, Letter from Loretta, this 17 DVD box set includes the very best of The Loretta Young Show, 8 discs of which have never been released on DVD and are exclusive to this set! To add to your enjoyment, bonus features include a conversation with Loretta’s children, rare family home movies and photographs, movie trailers, interviews with veterans of The Loretta Young Show and a short biography that highlights Loretta’s career as actress, mother and role model to millions of American women.

Few celebrities have enjoyed the professional longevity of Hollywood actress Loretta Young, whose remarkable career stretched over seven decades - beginning as a child extra during the Silent Era of motion pictures and attaining star status as a romantic leading lady during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Miss Young appeared in over 100 films during her movie career, most notably The Farmer's Daughter, for which she won an Academy Award®. But in 1953, she announced her retirement from film and signed a contract with Proctor & Gamble and the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to produce and star in her own television series.

Her first show, Letter to Loretta, went on the air that September and was an immediate hit. Later re-titled The Loretta Young Show, her weekly anthology series was the first to feature a female star as host and actress, and made Miss Young one of the best-known and beloved personalities on television.

With a mix of both melodramas and light romantic comedies, the series was designed and intended for a female audience. Young chose stories for their messages, and while many stories affirmed postwar, middle-class ideas about the home, families, and gender roles, the show also explicitly addressed social issues of the day. It stands out as a rare, primetime network drama series where a woman tells her stories.

Why We Love It

“This 17-DVD box set is a must have for fans of Golden Age Television and classic Hollywood aficionados alike…this collection includes the very best of The Loretta Young Show, highlighting Young's career as actress, mother and role model to millions of American women.” – Broadway World

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Episode Episode Title
1 The Near Unknown
1 The Road
1 The Long Night
1 Trial Run
1 Guest in the Night
1 Fear Me Not
1 Double Partners
1 A Dollar's Worth
2 For Better or for Worse
2 One Beautiful Moment
2 At the Edge of the Desert
2 The Mirror
2 Dr. Juliet
2 Week-End in Winnetka
2 The Question
2 The Defense
3 In the Good Old Summertime
3 The Strangers That Came to Town
3 Fair Exchange
3 Prisoner at One O'Clock
3 Double Trouble
3 Reunion
3 Saigon
3 Innocent Conspiracy
4 A Visit to Sao Paolo
4 Mask of Evidence
4 Linda
4 Girl on a Flagpole
4 The Lamp
4 My Uncle O'Moore
4 Little League
4 Understanding Heart
5 Out of Control
5 Circles of Panic
5 Switchblade
5 Turn of the Card
5 You're Driving Me Crazy
5 Gino
5 Incident in Kawi
5 The Little Witness
6 The 20-Cent Tip
6 The Red Dress
6 Love Between the Acts
6 Earthquake
6 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
6 Moment of Decision
6 Now a Brief Word
6 Blizzard
7 I Want to Get Married
7 A New Step
7 The Glass Cage
7 The One That Got Away
7 For Father Darling
7 The Waiting Game
7 The Years Between
7 Friends at a Distance
8 Man in a Hurry
8 The Woman Between
8 Ten Men and a Girl
8 The Seducer
8 Kid Stuff
8 On Your Honor, Your Honor
8 The Last Spring
8 New Slant
9 Power Play
9 The Last Witness
9 The Lady in the Fish Bowl
9 No Margin for Error
9 The Bronte Story
9 The Girl Scout Story
9 Katy
9 Goodbye, Goodbye
10 The Demon and Mrs. Devon
10 The Happy Widow
10 Vengeance Is Thine
10 Unconditional Surrender
10 Thanksgiving in Beaver Run
10 No Help Wanted
10 Slander
10 The Great Divide
11 The Accused
11 Strange Money
11 The Penthouse
11 The Night the Doorbell Rang
11 Love Story
11 It's a Man's Game
11 Tropical Secretary
11 Take Care of My Child
12 The Hidden One
12 Most Honorable Day
12 Alien Love
12 These Few Years
12 Laughing Boy
12 Something About Love
12 The Bracelet
12 The End of the Week
13 Faraway Island
13 Operation Snowball
13 Shower of Ashes
13 My Own Master
13 The Faith of Chata
13 Our Sacred Honor
13 Across the Plaza
13 Inga IV
14 My Two Hands
14 The Break-Off
14 The Grenade
14 Enter at Your Own Risk
14 The Night My Father Came Home
14 Big Jim
14 A Pattern of Deceit
14 Rhubarb in Apartment B-7
15 Dear Milkman
15 Sister Ann
15 Little Monster, Tall Tales
15 This Subtle Danger
15 Hotel Irritant
15 Evil for Evil
15 Man in the Ring
15 Somebody Else's Dream
16 The Bargain
16 This Is the Moment
16 Off-Duty Affair
16 The Lie
16 Inga
16 Time and Yuletide
16 A Shadow Between
16 Three and Two, Please
17 A Greater Strength
17 Incident in India
17 Mrs. Minton
17 Quiet Desperation
17 Lady Killer
17 Three Minutes Too Late
17 Christmas Stopover
17 Imperfect Balance
18 Conflict
18 Seed from the East
18 The Hired Hand
18 The Golden Cord
18 Secret Answer
18 The Girl Who Knew
18 A Ticket for May
18 Queen Nefertiti
19 The Oriental Mind
19 The Black Lace Valentine
19 Slight Delay
19 Double Edge
19 Big Little Lie
19 The Flood
19 Inga III
19 My Favorite Monster
20 Windfall
20 Marriage Crisis
20 Second Spring
20 The Choice
20 The Hollywood Story
20 Decision
20 The Challenge
20 Miss Ashley's Demon
21 Time of Decision
21 The Portrait
21 Crisis in 114
21 When Queens Ride By
21 A Family Out of Us
21 The Refinement of 'Ab'
21 Song of Rome
21 The Bad Apple
22 Air Stewardess
22 810 Franklin Street
22 The Trouble with Laury's Men
22 The Preliminaries
22 Act of Faith
22 600 Seconds
22 The Secret
22 Tension
23 To Open a Door
23 The Prettiest Girl in Town
23 The Trial
23 Woodlot
23 The New York Story
23 The Case of Mrs. Bannister
23 The Pearl
23 Wedding Day
24 Thanks to You
24 The Tenderizer
24 Plain, Unmarked Envelope
24 Doesn't Everybody?
24 Nobody's Boy
24 Dickie
24 Tightwad Millionaire
24 Louise
25 Dangerous Verdict
25 Each Man's Island
25 The Best Season
25 The Man Who Couldn't Smile
25 The Count of Ten
25 Option on a Wife
25 Gesundheit
25 Emergency
26 Second Rate Citizen
26 Mr. Wilson's Wife: Part 1
26 The Unwanted
26 Emergency in 114
26 The Clara Schumann Story
26 Tale of a Cayuse
26 Father Hoppe
26 The Room Next Door
27 South American Uncle
27 Mr. Wilson's Wife: Part 2
27 Faith, Hope and Mr. Flaherty
27 13 Donner Street
27 Son, This Is Your Father
27 Case Book
27 His Inheritance
27 So Bright a Light
28 A Strange Adventure
28 Strictly Personal
28 The Eternal Now: Part 1
28 Those at the Top
28 The First Man to Ask Her
28 Dateline: Korea
28 The Wise One
28 Rummage Sale
29 Day of Rest
29 The Accused
29 The Eternal Now: Part 2
29 The Wedding
29 Man's Estate
29 Inga II
29 But for God's Grace
29 Legacy
30 Trouble in Fenton Valley
30 The Misfit
30 The Forbidden Guests
30 Forest Ranger
30 Mink Coat
30 Hapless Holiday
30 The Man on Top
31 Not in Our Stars
31 The Enchanted Schoolteacher
31 Let Columbus Discover You
31 Code 258
31 The Countess
32 The Judgment
32 He Always Comes Home
32 The Cardinal's Secret
32 A Mind of Their Own
33 Oh, My Aching Heart
33 Feeling No Pain
33 Royal Partners: Part 1
34 Dear Midge
34 The Little Teacher
34 Royal Partners: Part 2
35 Something Always Happens
35 I Remember the Rani
36 Lady in Wet Paint
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The Loretta Young Show

Loretta Young Self - Hostess, Inga Helborg, Sister Ann
John Milton Kennedy Announcer, Self - Announcer
Robert Foulk Hank, Department of Power Man, Headquarters
John Newland Alex Stark, Creighton Halliday, David Harrison
Dabbs Greer Attendant, Chester Ives, Dentist
Kitty Kelly Amy, Edith, Gloria Schumaker
Ann Doran Anne Thomas, Felice Badt, Ginny Tucker
Ricardo Montalban Angelo Pelligrini, Father Garcia, Father William Gomez
Mabel Albertson Babs, Doris, Edna Hardish
George Nader Arthur Wayne, Austin Granger, Barry Kendall
Richard Morris Director
Robert Florey Director
Harry Keller Director
Norman Foster Director
John Newland Director
Rudolph Maté Director
Richard Carlson Director
Tay Garnett Director
Richard Donner Director
Justus Addiss Director
Jeffrey Hayden Director
Alan DeWitt Director
Everett Sloane Director
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