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The Loretta Young Show: Season One

Released: January 1, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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One of the brightest stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, the lovely Loretta Young appeared in over 100 films during her movie career. Some of her most memorable roles from the 30's and 40's were "A Man's Castle," "Ramona" and "The Farmer's Daughter," for which she won an Academy Award in 1947. In the 1950's, Loretta turned her talents to television. Her show first aired in September 1953, and in all, Loretta made over 280 episodes! This 3 DVD box set includes the first 30 episodes, starting with the original show "Letter from Loretta," re-titled "The Loretta Young Show." The weekly show made Loretta one of the best-known and beloved personalities on television. Her patented entrance, a dramatic swirl through her living room door, wearing the latest in fashion designer gowns, gained for her the reputation as America's best-dressed actress.

Authorized by the Loretta Young Estate, this box set includes rare family home movies and photographs. Loretta's son, the film producer Chris Lewis, narrates this journey through Loretta's career as actress, mother and role model to millions of American women.

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The Loretta Young Show

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