The Lawless Years: The Complete Series

Released: September 25, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Product Note: It has been brought to our attention that three episodes of The Lawless Years are not on this set (The Mad Dog Coll Story, Parts 1 & 2 and The Sonny Rosen Story II). Since being notified of these omissions, we have attempted to locate copies of these missing episodes, but have been unable to do so.


The Lawless Years is Cadillac driving, booze fueled, tommy gun blazing stories of cops and gangsters in prohibition era New York. Based on the real life cases of New York City Police Detective Sergeant Barney Ruditsky (who was the technical adviser of the series) who headed up the famed "New York Gangster Squad" and made over 5,000 arrests, taking into custody virtually every prominent criminal operating in the city.

This authentic docudrama starring James Gregory (Barney Miller, The Manchurian Candidate) and directed by Allen H. Miner (Perry Mason, M-Squad, Wagon Train) will hit you with the compelling realism of life as a 1920's bootlegger and have you riding shotgun with some of the bravest police officers to work the streets of The Big Apple.

Featured Guest Stars include; Vic Morrow, Clu Gulager, Robert Fuller, Burt Reynolds, Harry Dean Stanton, Martin Landau, Warren Oates and many more!

Includes all 45 episodes which originally aired from 1959-1961

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Episode Episode Title
1 The Nick Joseph Story
1 The Al Brown Story
1 The Jack 'Legs' Diamond Story
2 The Immigrant
2 The Big Greeny Story
2 The Sonny Rosen Story II
3 The Jane Cooper Story
3 The Art Harris Story
3 Louy K: Part 1
4 The Cutie Jaffe Story
4 The Billy Boy 'Rockabye' Creel Story
4 Louy K: Part 2 Sing Sing
5 The Dutch Schultz Story
5 The Big Man
5 Louy K: Part 3 Birth of the Organization
6 The Lion and the Mouse
6 The Joe Angelo Story
6 Louy K: Part 4 Heydays of the Organization
7 No Fare
7 The Billy Grimes Story
7 Louy K: Part 5 the Disintegration
8 The Payoff
8 The Sonny Rosen Story
8 The Miles Miller Story
9 The Marie Walters Story
9 The Prantera Story
9 The Kid Dropper Story
10 The Maxey Gorman Story
10 Ginny
11 The Muddy Kasoff Story
11 Little Augie
12 Framed
12 The Mad Dog Coll Story: Part 1
13 Four the Hard Way
13 The Mad Dog Coll Story: Part 2
14 The Tony Morelli Story
14 Blood Brothers
15 The Ray Baker Story
15 The Victor Gorido Story
16 Lucky Silva
16 Artie Moon
17 The Morrison Story
17 Triple Cross
18 The Poison Ivy Story
18 The Jonathan Wills Story
19 Romeo and Rose
20 Ike, the Novelty King
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The Lawless Years

James Gregory Barney Ruditsky
Robert Karnes Max Fields
John Dennis Dutch Schultz
Norman Alden Lulu, Lucky, Dixie
Brad Trumbull Brody, Detective O'Henry, Det. Brad Brody
John Vivyan Lepke, Big Ziggy Adams, Lepke Buchalter
Stanley Adams Gurrah, Ray Baker, Strella
Carol Eve Rossen Anna, Anna Kassoff, Patricia
Paul Richards Louis 'Louy' Kassoff, Romeo
Robert Ellenstein Legs Diamond, Frankie Yale, Whitey
Allen H. Miner Director
James Neilson Director
Edward Dein Director
George Bruce Writer
Jo Eisinger Writer
Charles Larson Writer
John Meredyth Lucas Writer
Allen H. Miner Writer
Peggy O'Shea Writer
Arthur E. Orloff Writer
Jo Pagano Writer
Frank Phares Writer
Barney Ruditsky Writer
Lou Shaw Writer
Al C. Ward Writer
Jack Chertok Producer

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