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The Jeffersons: Season Eight

Released: August 11, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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All 25 hilarious Season Eight episodes!

Call the neighbors – George and Louise are back for the eighth season of the classic sitcom, The Jeffersons! A groundbreaking series that mixed hilarious comedy and social commentary, The Jeffersons remains an all-time favorite thanks to its terrific cast (including Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford, Marla Gibbs, Roxie Roker, and Franklin Cover), sharp writing, and one of the most hummable theme songs in television history.

Season Eight finds everyone's favorite dry cleaner George on a typical string of misadventures, including facing off with a street gang, taking charm lessons, and erecting a museum – to himself! And when a familiar, wise-cracking face returns to the Jefferson's household, poor George may never have a moment's peace again!

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Episode Episode Title
The Jeffersons: The House That George Built
The Jeffersons: A Whole Lot Of Trouble
The Jeffersons: I've Got A Secret
The Jeffersons: A Charmed Life
The Jeffersons: I've Still Got It
The Jeffersons: Florence Did It Different, Part 1
The Jeffersons: Florence Did It Different, Part 2
The Jeffersons: My Maid, Your Maid
The Jeffersons: Louise's Father
The Jeffersons: The Separation, Part 2
The Jeffersons: The Separation, Part 1
The Jeffersons: Do Not Forsake Me, Oh, My Helen
The Jeffersons: Lesson In Love
The Jeffersons: A Small Victory
The Jeffersons: The Strays, Part 2
The Jeffersons: Jeffersons Greatest Hits
The Jeffersons: The Strays, Part 1
The Jeffersons: My Wife, I Think I'll Keep Her
The Jeffersons: Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner?
The Jeffersons: A Case Of Self-Defense
The Jeffersons: Blazing Jeffersons
The Jeffersons: Men Of The Cloth
The Jeffersons: Dog-Gone
The Jeffersons: I Spy
The Jeffersons: Thammy The Thongwriter
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The Jeffersons: Season Eight

Berlinda Tolbert Actor
Franklin Cover Actor
Isabel Sanford Actor
Marla Gibbs Actor
Mike Evans Actor
Ned Wertimer Actor
Paul Benedict Actor
Roxie Roker Actor
Sherman Hemsley Actor
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