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The Jack Benny Show

Released: February 1, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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Benjamin Kubelsky is one of America's most popular and enduring comedians. He began in Chicago as a teenager, playing the violin on a music hall stage; in time, the violin became a prop. Benjamin changed his name to Jack Benny and he developed a persona his audiences came to love. Benny played the part of a vain, but endearing braggart, who despite his foibles and flaws charmed his way into the hearts of millions of fans. His career spanned fifty years, encompassing vaudeville, radio, television and film.

Jack Benny's radio program began in 1932 and was still on the air when it moved to television in 1950. The Jack Benny Show started slowly, with only four shows in the first year, but grew into a biweekly, and then a weekly show by 1958, becoming one of the most popular shows on television.

A master of comedic timing, Benny remained 39-years-old, kept his money in a vault in the basement and drove his old Maxwell car, just as he had on the radio. His real-life wife Mary Livingstone, Rochester, played by Eddie Anderson, his announcer Don Wilson, and a team of regulars including the crooner Dennis Day and Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, abetted him.

In addition to the regulars who remained with the show throughout its extraordinary run, a virtual who's who of stars made guest appearances on the show.

This two DVD collection includes 10 episodes of The Jack Benny Show, with guest stars including Humphrey Bogart, George Burns, Kirk Douglas, Fred MacMurray, Jayne Mansfield, Bing Crosby and Audrey Meadows.

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