The Horror Show (SOLD OUT)

Released: November 26, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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From Sean S. Cunningham, producer-director of the original Friday The 13th, comes this electrifying tale of terror!

116 people are dead at the hands of Max Jenke (Brion James – Blade Runner, Crimewave) and his trusty meat cleaver. Now, justice is about to be served as Jenke is sentenced to the electric chair. But from the first high voltage blast, it becomes clear that Max is no ordinary serial killer.

With a blood-chilling laugh from the depths of hell, Max enters our world, transformed into a supernatural force by the high-voltage blast of electricity. Max vows revenge on the cop who captured him. Well-aware of the maniacal killer’s passion to destroy, Detective Lucas McCarthy (Lance Henriksen – Pumpkinhead, Aliens) can only begin to imagine the horror that awaits him and his family.

Why We Love It

"I really enjoyed the hell out of this when it came out, though I had no clue it was originally a house sequel, and there is no way to know from watching the film. Anyway, any film with both Lance Henrikson and Brion James is awesome by default." -Rotten Tomatoes 

"After House II: The Second Story took the franchise in a more kid-oriented direction, producer Sean. S. Cunningham and director James Isaac decided some whiplash was in order." -AIPT

Bonus Features

  • Commentary With Producer Sean S. Cunningham
  • Interview With Stunt Coordinator Kane Hodder And Actress Rita Taggart
  • Theatrical Trailer

Product Information

The Horror Show

Allyn Warner Writer
Brion James Actor
David Blyth Director
James Isaac Director
Lance Henriksen Actor
Leslie Bohem Writer
Rita Taggart Actor
Sean S. Cunningham Producer
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