The Hi-Lo Country

Released: December 18, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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From the Acclaimed Director of The Grifters and Dangerous Liaisons

In the American west, just after WWII, best friends Big Boy (Woody Harrelson) and Pete (Billy Crudup) return from the war to find half their hometown employed by corporate cattle-rancher Jim Ed Love (Sam Elliott). Defying Jim Ed and hanging onto mythic ideals of the west, Big Boy and Pete team up with an old-time rancher to raise cattle the cowboy way, and life in Hi-Lo, New Mexico becomes a volatile powder keg.

The fuse is lit when Mona (Patricia Arquette), the wife of Jim Ed's foreman, begins a heated affair with Big Boy. Pete's past longings for Mona resurface with his discovery of the affair, and the bond of friendship becomes sorely tested. Ultimately, Pete and Big Boy's friendship will be decided by the extent of their yearnings for the same woman, while Hi-Lo awaits the outcome of the explosive run-ins between Jim Ed Love and the two proud cowboys.

Also starring Penelope Cruz (To Rome With Love), Cole Hauser (Pitch Black) and James Gammon (Cold Mountain) The Hi-Lo Country is a “wildly ambitious film [that] feels like an epic hybrid of Red River and The Last Picture Show” (The New York Times)!

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The Hi-Lo Country

Barbara De Fina Producer
Billy Crudup Actor
Martin Scorsese Producer
Max Evans Writer
Patricia Arquette Actor
Stephen Frears Director
Tim Bevan Producer
Walon Green Writer
Woody Harrelson Actor
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