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The Fly Collection + Exclusive Lithograph

Released: December 10, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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Be Afraid ... Be Very Afraid ...

Experience the ultimate in horror with The Fly Collection, featuring the chilling original trilogy, the eye-popping '80s remake and its terrifying sequel. Packed with hours of fascinating special features, this 5-disc set includes 1958's The Fly starring Vincent Price; The Return Of The Fly, in which the son of the original scientist continues his father's work; and The Curse Of The Fly, in which a woman finds she's married into the wrong family. David Cronenberg's 1986 remake of The Fly electrified audiences with its ground-breaking, gooey effects and the riveting performance by Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle, a scientist whose teleporting experiment takes a tragic toll. The hair-raising sequel to the remake stars Eric Stoltz as Seth Brundle's son, who is beginning to show the effects of his father's experiment. Get ready for hours of skin-crawling terror as you witness a transformation like no other – from man to fly.

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8 hrs
Aspect Ratio ?
Not Rated / R
Production Date
1958 / 1959 / 1965 / 1986 / 1989
Closed-Captioned ?

Curse of the Fly

Brian Donlevy Henri Delambre
George Baker Martin Delambre
Carole Gray Patricia Stanley
Yvette Rees Wan
Burt Kwouk Tai
Michael Graham Albert Delambre
Jeremy Wilkin Inspector Ronet
Charles Carson Inspector Charas
Mary Manson Judith Delambre
Rachel Kempson Madame Fournier
Don Sharp Director
Harry Spalding Written By
George Langelaan Concept And Characters
Robert L. Lippert Producer
Jack Parsons Producer

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The Fly

Jeff Goldblum Seth Brundle
Geena Davis Veronica Quaife
John Getz Stathis Borans
Joy Boushel Tawny
Leslie Carlson Dr. Cheevers
George Chuvalo Marky
Michael Copeman 2nd Man in Bar
David Cronenberg Gynecologist
Carol Lazare Nurse
Shawn Hewitt Clerk
David Cronenberg Director
George Langelaan Short Story
Charles Edward Pogue Screenplay
David Cronenberg Screenplay
Marc Boyman Co-producer
Stuart Cornfeld Producer
Kip Ohman Co-producer
Mel Brooks Producer

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The Fly

David Hedison Andre Delambre
Patricia Owens Helene Delambre
Vincent Price François Delambre
Herbert Marshall Insp. Charas
Kathleen Freeman Emma
Betty Lou Gerson Nurse Andersone
Charles Herbert Philippe Delambre
Eugene Borden Dr. Ejoute
Harry Carter Orderly
Arthur Dulac French Waiter
Kurt Neumann Director
James Clavell Screenplay
George Langelaan Based On A Story By
Kurt Neumann Producer
Robert L. Lippert Executive Producer

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The Fly II

Eric Stoltz Martin Brundle
Daphne Zuniga Beth Logan
Lee Richardson Anton Bartok
John Getz Stathis Borans
Frank C. Turner Shepard
Ann Marie Lee Jainway
Garry Chalk Scorby
Saffron Henderson Veronica Quaife
Harley Cross 10 year old Martin
Matthew Moore 4 year old Martin
Chris Walas Director
Mick Garris Screenplay
Jim Wheat Screenplay
Ken Wheat Screenplay
Frank Darabont Screenplay
Mick Garris Story
George Langelaan Characters
Stuart Cornfeld Executive Producer
Steven-Charles Jaffe Producer
Gillian Richardson Associate Producer

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Return of the Fly

Vincent Price Francois Delambre
Brett Halsey Philippe Delambre
David Frankham Ronald Holmes, alias Alan Hinds
John Sutton Insp. Beecham
Dan Seymour Max Barthold
Danielle De Metz Cecile Bonnard
Jack Daly Granville (reporter)
Janine Grandel Mme. Bonnard
Michael Mark Gaston (watchman)
Richard Flato Sgt. Dubois
Edward Bernds Director
Edward Bernds Screenplay
George Langelaan Short Story "The Fly"
Bernard Glasser Producer

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