The Ernie Kovacs Collection

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In the infancy of any medium, there will be some who realize its potential well before anyone else. Ernie Kovacs was such a visionary, and between 1951 and 1962 he broke rules that hadn't even been made yet, creating a television "language" that is now taken for granted.

THE ERNIE KOVACS COLLECTION includes six DVDs and over 13 hours of programs that span the all-too-brief but brilliant television career of this hugely influential comic artist, from his earliest local morning shows in Philadelphia through his NBC prime-time shows and the ABC specials that represented the peak of his offbeat humor and creative experimentation with the medium. The Ernie Kovacs Collection is a treasure trove of comedy from television's original genius, most of it unseen for over 50 years.


* Episodes From His Local And National Morning Shows

* Episodes From His NBC Prime-Time Show

* Kovacs On Music

* Five ABC TV Specials

* The Color Version Of His Legendary Silent Show, Eugene

* His Award-Winning Commercials For Dutch Masters Cigars

* Short Films, Tributes , Rarities

* 44-Page Booklet Featuring Rare Photos, Program Notes And An Essay By Jonathan Lethem (Author Of Motherless Brooklyn)

Why We Love It

“A full history of TV-comedy styles before that history had really begun, this stunning six-disc set The Ernie Kovacs Collection reveals Kovacs as the first ironic talk-show host, a surrealist sketch comic, and a master satirist.” — Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly

The Ernie Kovacs Collection is a mandatory purchase for anyone who loves television and wants to experience some of its richest comedy roots. But it's more than that. As I see it, it's almost a public service.” — David Bianculli, NPR Fresh Air

“Kovacs' art -- which is collected in a marvelous new DVD set titled 'The Ernie Kovacs Collection' -- was more original, personal and bizarre than anything else being done in the early days of television.” — Matt Zoller Seitz,

“a very comprehensive collection of the late Kovacs' trailblazing TV work” — Michael Starr, New York Post

“He is truly television's first genius, and Shout! Factory has done him proud with this amazing boxed set of over thirteen hours of his little-seen work. It is must-have viewing for anyone interested in the evolution of television, comedy and American pop culture during the mid-20th century. The Ernie Kovacs Collection receives our highest award here at DVDTalk: the DVD Talk Collectors Series.” Paul Mavis, DVD Talk


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Episode Episode Title
1 It's Time For Ernie (March 7, 1951)
2 It's Time For Ernie (June 1951)
3 Ernie In Kovacsland (July 6, 1951)
4 Ernie In Kovacsland (August 23, 1951)
5 Kovacs On The Corner (January 1952)
6 Kovacs Unlimited (May 28, 1952)
7 The Ernie Kovacs Show (December 19, 1955)
8 The Ernie Kovacs Show (February 20, 1956)
9 The Ernie Kovacs Show (March 15, 1956)
10 The Ernie Kovacs Show (April 12, 1956)
11 The Ernie Kovacs Show (June 12, 1956)
12 The Ernie Kovacs Show (July 2, 1956)
13 The Ernie Kovacs Show (July 30, 1956)
14 The Ernie Kovacs Show (September 3, 1956)
15 Saturday Color Carnival: "The Ernie Kovacs Show" (January 19, 1957) (NBC)
16 Kovacs On Music (May 22, 1959) (NBC)
17 Take A Good Look (July 21, 1960) (ABC)
18 Kovacs Special #4 (September 21, 1961)
19 Kovacs Special #5 (October 28, 1961)
20 Kovacs Special #6 (November 24, 1961)
21 Kovacs Special #7 (December 12, 1961)
22 Kovacs Special #8 (January 23, 1962)
23 The NBC Morning Show
24 The NBC Evening Show
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The Ernie Kovacs Collection

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