The Borrower

Released: August 17, 2021 • Available in US & Canada
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Scream Factory
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"Superior genre fare ... about a cannibalistic serial killer from outer space who's just trying to get a head in this world." – Richard Harrington, The Washington Post

From the creative mind of director John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer) comes an eerie tale of an alien killer sentenced to live the rest of his days on Earth for committing unspeakable crimes. The strange insect-like creature arrives in a lone spaceship. When he arrives on our planet, his head explodes. His survival depends on his ability to find a new head for his body. Thus begins a carnage of murder that even the city's toughest detectives Diana Pierce (Rae Dawn Chong, Commando) and Charles Kreiger (Don Gordon, Bullitt) are unable to solve.

Product Information

The Borrower

Rae Dawn Chong
Don Gordon
Tom Towles
Antonio Fargas
Neil Giuntoli
Larry Pennell
Pam Gordon
Tony Amendola
Robert Dryer
Richard Wharton
John McNaughton Director
Mason Nage Writer
Mason Nage Writer
Richard Fire Writer
Herbert Coleman Producer
Steven A. Jones Producer
Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt Producer
R.P. Sekon Producer

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