The Bible Stories: In The Beginning [4 Films]

Released: March 8, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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The greatest events from The Bible come to life in The Bible Stories, a series of full-length films presenting powerful and moving tales of faith and glory.

This four-disc collection explores many of the events chronicled in the earliest books of the Old Testament. Including Abraham, Jacob, Moses and the Emmy-winning outstanding miniseries Joseph, these films provide inspirational as well as entertaining examinations of the stories that have shaped the way millions perceive the world around them.

Featuring performances by a roster of acclaimed actors including Ben Kingsley, Richard Harris, Barbara Hershey, Sean Bean, Lesley Ann Warren, and Christopher Lee, The Bible Stories "In The Beginning" is an outstanding collection of faithfully rendered tales lifted directly from the scriptures.

Product Information

The Bible Stories: In The Beginning [4 Films]

Barbara Hershey Actor
Gerald Rafshoon Producer
Joseph Sargent Director
Lorenzo Minoli Producer
Maximilian Schell Actor
Richard Harris Actor
Robert McKee Writer
Vittorio Gassman Actor
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