The Angry Beavers: The Final Season

Released: February 4, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Watch Out, World! Here Come Norbert Foster And Daggett Doofus Beaver!

All 14 final Episodes On 2 DVDs!

Life never slows down – or stops getting stranger – in the woods outside Wayouttatown, Oregon for brothers Norbert and Daggett Beaver. From an encounter with a magical yak to a battle against an army of termites to a thrilling race to the world’s largest pile of toenail clippings, your favorite bachelor beavers always manage to find themselves encountering the wackiest situations and characters imaginable – and they’ve saved the best for last!

The Angry Beavers: The Final Season completes your collection of outlandish tales from the great outdoors…and that’s definitely not spooty.


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Episode Episode Title
1 The Angry Beavers: Chocolate Up To Experience / Three Dag Night
2 The Angry Beavers: Fat Chance / Dag In The Mirror
3 The Angry Beavers: Canucks Amuck / Yak In The Sack
4 The Angry Beavers: Driving Misses Daggett / Big Fun
5 The Angry Beavers: Moby Dopes / Present Tense
6 The Angry Beavers: It's A Spootiful Life / The Mom From U.N.C.L.E.
7 The Angry Beavers: House Sisters / Muscular Beaver 5
8 The Angry Beavers: Vantastic Voyage / Blacktop Beavers
9 The Angry Beavers: Specs Appeal / Things That Go Hook In The Night
10 The Angry Beavers: Damnesia / The Posei-Dam Adventures
11 The Angry Beavers: The Big Frog / Dag Con Carny
12 The Angry Beavers: Beavemaster / Deck Poops
13 The Angry Beavers: Dagski And Norb / Shell Or High Water
14 The Angry Beavers: All In The Colony / Line Duncing
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The Angry Beavers: The Final Season

Richard Steven Horvitz Actor
Charlie Brissette Actor
John Garry Actor
Nick Bakay Actor
Terry Wood Actor
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