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The Angry Beavers: Season Three, Part 1

Released: February 28, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Your two favorite twin animated beavers - Norbert Foster and Daggett Doofus - return for the first half of a hilariously fun third season. Join them for your daily dose of laughter as they continue their hysterical pursuit of the wild bachelor lifestyle!

Includes favorite episodes "Spooky Spoots," "Muscular Beaver 3," "Moronathon Man," "Stump's Family Reunion," "Too Loose Latrine" and more!


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Episode Episode Title
1 The Angry Beavers: My Bunny-Guard / What's Eating You?
2 The Angry Beavers: Omega Beaver / Bite This
3 The Angry Beavers: Spooky Spoots / Up All Night 2: Up All Day. The Reckoning
4 The Angry Beavers: Muscular Beaver 3 / Sang 'Em High
5 The Angry Beavers: In Search Of Big Byoo-Tox / Moronathon Man
6 The Angry Beavers: The Legend Of Kid Friendly / Silent But Deadly
7 The Angry Beavers: Tough Love / A Little Dad'll Do You
8 The Angry Beavers: Pass It On! / Stump's Family Reunion
9 The Angry Beavers: Muscular Beaver 4 / Act Your Age
10 The Angry Beavers: Too Loose Latrine / Pack Your Dogs
11 The Angry Beavers: Daggy Dearest / Dag's List
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The Angry Beavers

Richard Steven Horvitz Actor
Charlie Brissette Actor
John Garry Actor
Nick Bakay Actor
Terry Wood Actor
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