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The American Aviator: The Howard Hughes Story

Released: January 1, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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If a young man of the 1920s were asked to describe his wildest dreams, what would he think of? How about a fortune, the ability to buy whatever he wanted? He might dream of going to Hollywood, of making movies, doing them all his way. And women; dating the most beautiful actresses of the day. If he really stretched, he might fantasize himself a famous flyer, designing and building his own aircraft, flying them to break records. Flying around the world, becoming as famous as Lindbergh, being hailed as an international hero, applauded by kings, presidents, ticker tape parades... And while he was at it, he'd build a business empire, buy airlines, hotels, casinos, anything he could turn his mind to. Well, a boy could dream. Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. did more than dream; for him, it all came true. Yet behind the glamour, the fame, the fabulous wealth, there lurked a darker side, a sick, isolated and deeply unhappy man who hid behind his image and ended up a prisoner of his own insanity. This is his story.

Bonus Features

  • The Outlaw (123 minutes) - A controversial, Howard Hughes-produced western that introduced Jane Russell to the nation.

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The American Aviator: The Howard Hughes Story

Howard Hughes Actor
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