Barenaked Ladies
Talk To The Hand: Live In Michigan

Released: November 6, 2007 • Available in US
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The Barenaked Ladies are back with their first-ever live DVD and latest live CD, Talk to the Hand: Live in Michigan. With a blend of classics including "One Week," "Pinch Me" and "If I Had $1000000," and hits from the recent releases Barenaked Ladies Are Me and Barenaked Ladies Are Men, this concert shows not only why Barenaked Ladies remain loved by their fans, but also why they are one of the world's greatest touring bands.

Bonus Features

  • Backstage with the Ladies
  • Soundcheck
  • Concert Photo Montage

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Track Track Name
1 One Week
2 The Old Apartment
3 Sound Of Your Voice
4 Bank Job
5 Too Little Too Late
6 Adrift
7 For You (Acoustic)
8 Be My Yoko Ono (Acoustic)
9 Wind It Up
10 Angry People
11 Pinch Me
12 Powder Blue
13 Brian Wilson
14 Easy
15 If I Had $1,000,000
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