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Shout! Kids


Take flight with this wonderfully uplifting, family friendly journey about standing up for what you believe and finding your place in the world! Meet Manou, a sweet bird who grows up believing he is a seagull like his parents. To his great shock, Manou discovers that he was adopted, and is actually the offspring of the much-hated swifts! One night, Manou fails to guard the eggs and loses one to the rats. The seagulls are outraged and Manou is expelled from his home! Utterly defeated, he retreats and discovers the "Swift Way." But when those same nefarious rats hijack some swift eggs, and a terrible storm threatens his seagull friends, Manou is committed to save them all – courageous like a seagull and inventive like a swift!

Bonus Features

  • A Look At The Making Of Swift
  • An Interview With Actor Willem Dafoe
  • Theatrical Trailer

Product Information

Manou the Swift

Kate Winslet Blanche
Willem Dafoe Yves
Rob Paulsen Sandpiper
Josh Keaton Manou
Julie Nathanson Francoise
Friedrich Mücke Manou (german)
David Shaughnessy Parcival
Arif S. Kinchen Poncho
Cassandra Steen Kalifa
Dominik Kuhn Parcival (german)
Christian Haas Director
Andrea Block Co-director
Axel Melzener Writer
Andrea Block Writer
Phil Parker Writer
Christian Haas Original Idea
Gregory Baranes Script Polish
Andrea Block Producer
Christian Haas Producer
Solveig Langeland Associate Producer
Michael Roesch Associate Producer

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