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Survival: Tales Of The Wild: Chimpanzees

Released: October 25, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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SURVIVAL: Tales of the Wild brings you spectacular footage and unforgettable stories of animals in the wild, restored and edited from the long-running British documentary series Survival, filmed on location around the globe by some of the world’s best nature photographers. This award winning series gets up-close and personal, spending whole seasons with its subjects, getting to know the individual animals, their communities and their unique and sometimes surprising customs!

Chimps; Like Father, Like Son

The lives and complex relationships between members of a chimpanzee family as they struggle to survive the dangers of the jungle, and the incursions of civilization, even as they pursue happiness in their extended community. We follow head chimp Gigosi and his precocious son Akina as they lead their troop through sometimes perilous, sometime hilarious adventures.

Baboon Bandits

Meet Barry, Bob, Beatrice and Beanie, just a few of the remarkable members of this amazing tribe of baboons in East Africa, living in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Baboon Bandits follows their exploits as they venture outside the safe confines of their home in a game preserve.


Madagascar is home to these two families, Sifakas and Ring-tailed Lemurs who are cousins, incredibly agile and acrobatic denizens of the jungle and forests, each with its own territory and customs. What happens when they trespass is great entertainment!

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