Sophie's Choice [Collector's Edition]

Released: April 29, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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“So perfectly cast and well-imagined that it just takes over and happens to you. It's quite an experience.” - Roger Ebert

Adapted from William Styron's best-selling novel, this passionate tale of a writer's love for a holocaust survivor is an exhilarating and compelling revelation.

Screen favorite Meryl Streep received an Academy Award® for her portrayal of Sophie Zawistowska in this penetrating drama set in post-World War II Brooklyn. Kevin Kline plays her all-consuming lover, Nathan. The story revolves around Sophie's struggle as a Polish-Catholic immigrant in the United States who had survived a Nazi concentration camp. The lovers' drama unfolds through the observations of a friend and would-be writer, Stingo (Peter MacNicol). As the trio grows closer, Stingo uncovers the hidden truths that they each harbor, resulting in “a fine, absorbing, wonderfully acted, heartbreaking movie” (Roger Ebert).

Bonus Features

  • Brand new roundtable interview with Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Donald Laventhall (director Alan Pakula's assistant), Hanna Pakula (director Alan Pakula's widow), Rose Styron (the widow of the novel's author, William Styron) and moderator Boaty Boatwright

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Sophie's Choice [Collector's Edition]

Alan J. Pakula Director
Alan J. Pakula Writer
Alan J. Pakula Producer
Keith Barish Producer
Kevin Kline Actor
Meryl Streep Actor
Peter MacNicol Actor
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