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Snapped: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2

Released: April 12, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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Snapped takes you into the lives of 26 women, all of whom crossed the line.

Meet the women like Elena Kiejliches, a wealthy Russian émigré who shoots her husband and then takes a trip to Disneyland, and Donna Summerville, wife to the heir of the Dupont fortune - and hospice nurse - whose husband just happens to die with a belly fully of painkillers.

These true stories, full of scandal and intrigue, are guaranteed to grip and shock, as they send you into a world of murder and investigation.


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Episode Episode Title
1 Snapped: Celeste Beard Johnson
2 Snapped: Virginia Larzelere
3 Snapped: Clara Harris
4 Snapped: Elena Kiejliches
5 Snapped: Kimberly Hricko
6 Snapped: Lee Ann Reidel
7 Snapped: Ruthann Aron
8 Snapped: Joyce Cohen
9 Snapped: Diane Zamora
10 Snapped: Susan Wright
11 Snapped: Kristin Rossum
12 Snapped: Debra Baker
13 Snapped: Carolyn Warmus
14 Snapped: Adele Craven
15 Snapped: Sharee Miller
16 Snapped: Elisa McNabney
17 Snapped: Donna Summerville
18 Snapped: Terri Gilbert
19 Snapped: Brenda Andrew
20 Snapped: Stephanie Stephens
21 Snapped: Amy DeChant
22 Snapped: Linda Jones
23 Snapped: Rita Gluzman
24 Snapped: Dionne Baugh
25 Snapped: Dante Sutorius
26 Snapped: Pamela Smart
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