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Snapped: Season Three

Released: March 13, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Snapped Season 3 takes you through the lives of 14 women, all of whom crossed the line.

Meet Manuela Garcia, who hacked her husband to death in a bid to return to her native Germany, Donna Yaklich, who killed her abusive police officer husband and laid the blame on drug dealers, and Dora Cisneros, a doctor's wife who ordered a hit on her teenage daughter's ex-boyfriend.

These true stories, full of scandal and intrigue, are guaranteed to grip and shock, as they take you into a world of murder, revenge, and investigation!


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Episode Episode Title
Snapped: Deidra Lane
Snapped: Michelle Theer
Snapped: Gail Bennett
Snapped: Kimberly Anderson
Snapped: Laura Rogers
Snapped: Kimberly Kondejewski
Snapped: Stella Nickell
Snapped: Mary Thompson
Snapped: Linda Lou Charbonneau
Snapped: Dora Cisneros
Snapped: Jeena Han
Snapped: Manuela Garcia
Snapped: Donna Yaklich
Snapped: Yesenia Patino
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