Small Wonder: Season Two (SOLD OUT)

Released: June 22, 2010 • Available in US & Canada
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The adventures of the Lawson family and their adopted robot daughter continue!

Join the second season of family fun for one small experiment with big laughs!

Genius cybernetics engineer Ted Lawson (Dick Christie) and his family have succeeded in convincing their nosy neighbors the Brindles as well as Child Protective Services that his top-secret invention, a Voice Input Child Identicant or V.I.C.I. (Tiffany Brissette), is a real little girl.

Joan (Marla Pennington-Rowan), has grown to lover her new robot daughter, while precocious Jamie (Jerry Supiran) still can't stop himself from secretly programming Vicki to do various odd jobs – including speech therapist!


Bonus Features

  • Printable Coloring Sheet

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Episode Episode Title
1 Small Wonder: Chewed Out' (Smoker's Delight)
2 Small Wonder: Money, Money, Money
3 Small Wonder: My Mother The Teacher
4 Small Wonder: Here Comes The Judge
5 Small Wonder: Home Sweet Homeless
6 Small Wonder: Crazy Like A Fox
7 Small Wonder: The Older Woman
8 Small Wonder: Who's The Boss?
9 Small Wonder: P-P-P Paula
10 Small Wonder: You Gotta Have Heart
11 Small Wonder: The Shoplifter
12 Small Wonder: Thanksgiving Story
13 Small Wonder: Neighborhood Watch
14 Small Wonder: Movin' Up
15 Small Wonder: Top Secret
16 Small Wonder: The Personality Kid
17 Small Wonder: Matchmaker, Matchmaker
18 Small Wonder: Little Miss Shopping Mall
19 Small Wonder: Victor/Vicki-toria
20 Small Wonder: Look Into My Eyes
21 Small Wonder: Wally The Wimp
22 Small Wonder: The Cat's Meow
23 Small Wonder: Vicki Goodwrench
24 Small Wonder: Double Wedding
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Small Wonder: Season Two

Dick Christie Actor
Emily Schulman Actor
Jerry Supiran Actor
Marla Pennington-Rowan Actor
Tiffany Brissette Actor
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