Sitting Bull

Released: January 1, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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Sitting Bull offers one of Hollywood's more historically accurate accounts of the struggle of supremacy in the West. Surprisingly pro-Indian, the story centers on Parrish, a cavalry officer who believes in the rights of the Native Americans. Despite his efforts, General George A. Custer, spurred on by anti-Indian hatred, engages the proud Chief Sitting Bull in the climatic and ill-fated Battle of the Little Big Horn. Spectacular western scenery, exciting action sequences and great performances make this one-of-a-kind western.

Bonus Features

  • Interview with Iron Eyes Cody - Interview with native American, Iron Eyes Cody, who acted in over 70 films and is one of the most recognized faces of the American western.

Product Information

Sitting Bull

Sidney Salkow Director
Dale Robertson Actor
J. Carrol Naish Actor
Mary Murphy Actor
Jack DeWitt Writer
Sidney Salkow Writer
W.R. Frank Producer
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